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Chantelle & Steve

When Chantelle started a new job at a media company, there was a prize much more valuable than her pay cheque. She was replacing Steve, who had to train her for two weeks before he left the company. Despite an amazing initial connection, it took four years for them to finally get together. Now a couple for more than two years, their motto is "go and stuff it up." It means give things a try, fail, learn from it and then do it better. "We do everything that we want to do in life," Chantelle says, "we make a conscious choice to push each other, if you've got an idea or a dream in life, then that's what it's about." Which is why they've been so desperate to get on The Block. "We both get bored quite easily, we want to push the limits…. because we're all gonna die one day, life is a playground," Chantelle says of their quest for The Block title. "We want to go stuff it up." Ummmm, go for it.

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