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Brad & Dale

Salt and Vinegar. Hamish and Andy. Cheese and Vegemite. Rock and Roll… Could this be the next big pairing? This year sees 2012 favourites Brad (formerly of Brad and Lara fame) and Dale (formerly of Dale and Sophie fame) team up to tackle The Block. "No sleep, dust and dirt in places you didn’t even know you had, ridiculous timeframes for room reveals, why wouldn’t you be back?" jokes Dale. They've ditched the womenfolk and are teaming up for a boy-power assault on The Block crown. So with their better halves at home, the boys finally have their chance to shine, and perhaps show just who really was the talent in their respective pairings. With Dale assigned the shopping and styling duties, Brad will stay on the tools to create what he describes as a "modern and pretty minimal home." "We want to make it a really sellable house, we don't want to go too out there with different features, because you may scare away a few buyers, we're trying to appeal to the widest possible market," Brad says. "The house with the best layout and with the most neutral palate will probably win because then people can move in and create their own home." Two blokes - one who snores - sharing a bed. What could possibly go wrong?

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