‘You’re going to love the couples this year’ according to Shelley Craft

She’s your go to woman in times of need for advice or guidance, and Shelley Craft is advising everyone to buckle up before Sunday’s Grand Opening of the new Block.

Working closely with our couples on set, Shelly sees it all and reckons we’re in for quite a series.

“You’re going to love the couples this year," Shelley said. 

"I don’t say that every year, I honestly believe these guys are all fantastic human beings. They’re really good to each other,” Shelley said.

Baby boomers Dan and Carleen may be the oldest Blockheads to take part in The Block, but Shelley stresses they shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Dan and Carleen are trouble from the west – they’re very experienced, very knowledgeable. They’re the danger team, the ones to look out for.

“Ben and Andy – my initial thoughts were ‘oh my god – not a hope in hell’.”

But best mates Ben and Andy came full circle for Shelley who says she’s changed her tune.

“They’re great guys, I’d be happy for my kids to be a student in one of their classes.”

Melbourne style queens Julia and Sasha are confident and experienced, Shelley says they hit the ground running.

“It’s fantastic to have another all-girl team in Julia and Sasha – these two mean business.

“Chris and Kim, the Newcastle rookies, they say never mess with a police officer. These guys are going to play a very strategic game.”

Our high school sweethearts, Will and Karlie, set a few hearts a flutter but according to Shelley the pair proves there is much more than what initially meets the eye.

“Our beautiful team, Will and Karlie, if beauty could renovate these guys look dangerous.

“Each of them will give you a surprise along the way, a surprise in a good way.”

With the enormity of the block this year, the reality of how much work has to be done hits each of the Blockheads at some point.

“They all burn out at different times; everyone will have their moment. Some crack early, others will last right to the end. In the end they all don’t want to leave The Block.

“The Block is like Disneyland, some rides are going to scare you but at the end of the day you walk out having the time of your life.”

The adventure begins Sunday August 21 at 7o'Block on Channel 9.