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Wombat is looking for love

Wombat from The Block 2017 This handsome devil is looking for love!

Looks like there could be room for one more in Wombat’s container lair - the hirsute Blockhead is looking for love!

“I am, definitely,” he tells Style Insiders. “It’s pretty lonely out there at the container. “Sometimes I sit on the couch by myself. I stare at the wall (because there’s no television), and I read my book, look at the spot next to me and think, ‘It would be nice if someone was sitting there."

Wombat & Sticks Wombat's best mate has tried setting him up, so far with no luck!

Wombat split with his partner (also the mother of his young son, Jake), a few years back. And while they’re still on good terms, he admits it would be nice to move on and meet someone else. Best mate Sticks has tried setting him up over the years - with limited success so far.

Wombat and son Jake live in a shipping container Wombat and gorgeous son Jake live 'off the gird' in a shipping container

“I’ve tried,” he admits. “But where we live in Sussex Inlet (in New South Wales’ South Coast) is a sausage fest, hey.

“There are no girls there. It’s so bad, locals call it ‘Sausage Singlet.’”

So looks like he’s going to have to look further afield. Consider yourselves informed, single ladies!

Wombat & Elyse The Block 2017 Wombat and Elyse have formed a close friendship The Block

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