What would you do if you had an unlimited budget for your kitchen reno?

 Hannah & Clint kitchen renovation Hannah & Clint in their unrenovated kitchen

We asked Hannah about what she’d put in her ‘fantasy kitchen - and she had plenty of great ideas. Most of which she’s planning to include in her Elsternwick kitchen!

“You know what - we kind of did have an unlimited budget with Freedom Kitchens,” she says. “One of the first things we asked when I sat down with them was, ‘What’s our budget?’ and they said, ‘Well, you don’t really have one!’ And I was like, ‘Well, this is amazing - it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Hannah and Clint are planning to go all out for this Sunday’s reveal. And even though they’ve messed up slightly, by not planning well enough to include a double-doored fridge, they’re planning to wow the judges with a selection of hi-tech kitchen gadgets.

 The Block 2016 final challenge kitchen Hannah wants all the bells and whistles like Julia & Sasha's kitchen in The Block 2016

“The coffee machine is a must,” she says. “And including a steamer - I love that Idea. I think it’s great.

“We’ve also got a paralytic oven, so a ‘self-cleaning oven’. And we’re including a butler’s pantry - which we think is the most genius idea ever.”

Inside Hannah and Clint’s ‘genius’ pantry is the jewel in their crown - a ‘billy tap.’

 Karlie & Will's Kitchen The Block 2016 Hannah has plenty of great kitchens to drool over if she looks through all the previous Block contestant's work

“This means it will have boiling, filtered AND sparkling water,” Hannah says. “You can buy them in all different finishes, and we're going with a matt black, but they also have rose gold and chrome.”

Hannah is so fired up about her new Block kitchen, she can’t wait to get stuck into renovating her own place.

“We feel like we have got that bug,” she says. “We definitely would love to keep doing it. We are waiting to see how October goes for us.

“It could go one of two ways - so we’ll just have to wait and see”

  A butlers pantry is high on Hannah's wish list

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