“We’ve had the best time”

We catch up with Bianca and Carla ahead of this week’s auction, to chat about their toughest moments, biggest highs - and why they love bathrooms so much!

 Bianca and Carla in the stunningly completed apartment number 5. Bianca and Carla in the stunningly completed apartment number 5.

So, nervous much? Kerrie just told us she feels sick!
Bianca - I think I’m more nervous than Carla. At the moment, I’m OK, but as the actual day gets closer, I think I will be feeling a lot like Kerrie.

Have you had good feedback from your agents?
B - We have. But they told us they won’t really be able to give us a good indication until a few days beforehand. There are a lot of people looking at our apartment, so we just have to trust that they are the experts, and hope that they’re doing the right thing to get the right buyer.

How do you feel, Carla?
C - I think the thing is, right now, it’s out of our hands. We have done the build and presented the apartment as best we can - now we hand it over to the experts. We did our due diligence during the show to find agents that knew the St Kilda market well, and especially high-end properties, so we trust them and hopefully they can bring some good candidates to the table.

 Bianca and Carla looking nervous, way back at the start of their amazing Block journey. Bianca and Carla looking nervous, way back at the start of their amazing Block journey.

Do you feel like Jess and Norm might be your biggest competition?
C - 100 percent. I think Scotty said it’s a bit like ‘Old Gatwick vs New Gatwick’. So, the penthouses are running, we feel, a different race. Jess and Norm - they won the Domain Cover prize and the buyer’s advocates voted them the best penthouse, so they’re definitely our biggest competition. We think they have an outstanding penthouse - we just hope someone loves ours as well.

You guys won $10k the first week of the Challenge Apartment renos - does that ease your mind a little bit?
B - The 10k is definitely a bonus, but it’s a drop in the ocean compared with what Courtney and Hans got off their reserve - that was huge. We’re happy we got $10,000 but we would obviously have loved a lot more.

 Bianca Carla Challenge Apartment bathroom. "It was fun to work with colour, and do something a bit crazy and embrace the St Kilda cafe scene." said Bianca of their gorgeous challenge apartment bathroom.

Why do you think you guys didn’t do better?
B - When we got down to the challenge apartment, we were still doing ‘defects’ in our apartment and I think we found it difficult to put as much love and affection into the challenge apartment as we did our own. And we had a lot of things custom made for our apartment, whereas in our Challenge Apartment we were using as many vouchers as we could, because we didn’t have a lot of money to spend.

That’s fair enough. We loved your bathroom from the first Challenge week, though...
C - We really liked it too. It was actually really fun to do something where you could just go a little bit crazy, and feel there wasn’t as much riding on polarising buyers. It was fun to work with colour, and do something a bit crazy and embrace the St Kilda cafe scene.

 Bianca and Carla Ensuite Guest judge John McGrath said the girls ensuite bathroom was "Simple and plain but very luxurious towels. Somebody on this team really understands what luxury is.”

Was it one of your favourite rooms?
B - It was. We love doing bathrooms, which is why we were really keen to get a bathroom downstairs in the Challenge Apartment. In previous years, bathrooms seem to make contestants come undone, but, surprisingly, this is where we thrived. The bathrooms upstairs were, hands-down, our favourite rooms.

 Bianca and Carla with their tradies. One of the best moments on The Block for Bianca and Carla was working with their fun and talented tradies.

Looking back, what have been your best and worst moments on The Block?
B - The worst moments were probably when we had no sleep at all and were really struggling to get through. Our best moments have been when we’ve had great fun with our trades, and with Jess and Norm. It’s not so much the results of our rooms - they were great when we got good feedback - but it was more about the experience we had. We had the best time, and we laughed our way through…

What about you, Carla?
C - I agree. It’s the same in sport - you often don’t remember results, but you remember the friendships you made, and the fun times. The boys dressing up in our dresses was certainly a highlight. We had nights when we were in fits of hysterics; Jess and Norm helping us out in our apartment, us going over to them; playing music, and our plasterers singing - those are the moments I’ll remember. I couldn’t tell you what each of the judges gave us each week, but I’ll always remember that.

 Penthouse mates The Block Penthouses might be in competition come auction day, but they have all won mates for life.

Do you feel like you made lifelong friends?
B - Definitely Jess and Norm, but we are really close with Kerrie and Spence as well, and Courtney and Hans - we had a great time with them.
C - I think it took us until we got into the Challenge Apartment to actually spend some quality time with them. The nature of the building is that we were running around on the outside, on scaffolding, so you could go days without seeing any of the other contestants. We saw a lot of Jess and Norm because they were our neighbours, but some of the other contestants we just never saw. So spending time in the Challenge Apartment, we got to see how hard working they all were, and actually see the fun side and have a bit of a laugh.

 Bianca and Carla The Block Everything's crossed for you both this weekend! Good luck, Bianca and Carla - we've loved watching you.

Take a look back at Bianca and Carla's apartment HERE

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