We’re going bananas! Like...literally!

The Block Shop has heaps of banana-themed home accessories. Get some fruity fun for YOUR home!

Banana's on The BlockBananaphobia - is it a real thing??

Tess might not be a fan of bananas - but we sure are! Browse The Block Shop’s range of banana-inspired homewares. Go on - you know you want to!

Banana's on The Block
'Still Life with Rabbit and Banana's' by Chris Beaumont as seen in Courtney and Hans guest room.

Banana's on The Block
Peeling away the boring of traditional candle holders we bring you the White Moose Peeling Bananas Candle Holder to brighten your room. 

Banana's on The Block

Your kids will go banana's for the 'On a Safari' floor cushion

Bendo Banana Holder

This Bendo banana stand protects from bruising while allowing air circulation to assist in ripening. It’s low-hanging fruit at its best.

Peytil Bananas Art
This captivating and playful Bananas artwork by Stockholm based artist Peytil.

Monkey CLU living
The whimsical Golden Banana sculpture each piece is skilfully hand moulded, polished and mounted on a white stone plinth. 

Banana's on The Block

Someone has been monkeying around with this fruit bowl! Did you spy it on The Block? Will Tess overcome her fear of Banana's and use it to style in their kitchen?

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