Week 3 Wrap Up from The Interiors Addict

There was a lot to love about this week's bathroom reveals, if you ask me. I wrongly assumed Julia and Sasha would win but they were knocked into second place by Dan and Carleen, who took out first place by just half a point. And, on reflection, while I really loved both their rooms, Dan and Carleen’s was certainly more true to the Art Deco period while cleverly feeling modern and on trend too. The top two bathrooms really were both beautiful.

Anyway, here’s a recap of the scoring and what the judges had to say…

Karlie and Will: 3rd place and 27 points

Last week’s winners continued to impress the judges this week with their sophisticated look, perhaps even more so because they’re only 25. Shaynna said the room was glamorous and she felt good in it.

Neale love the combination of the paneling (actually a money-saving measure) and the tiles and the simplicity of the colour palette. Darren also thought the panelling was a great idea.

Shaynna and Neale both loved the prints which referenced Melbourne in the era.

Darren was “completely, madly in love with” the basins and the light above the vanity was Shaynna’s favourite thing. She said: “It feels young and modern but also very sophisticated. These kids have style!”

Our pick: Wood Melbourne brass spout (Get The Look).

Dan and Carleen: first place and 29 points

After some shocking feedback (and some would say a shocking room) last week, Dan and Carleen certainly managed to bounce back and show everyone what they were capable of. I personally loved it and agreed with everything the judges had to say. Neale was wowed and said the couple were definitely back in the game (don’t you love it when this happens on The Block?) and that it had such a great sense of period.

Shaynna said the vanity was stunning and the basin, gorgeous. Darren said it delivered exactly what they were probably hoping to deliver in week one; it had all the trend notes and cleverly, still delivered something of a bygone era.

Neale was particularly pleased to see the pared back and simple styling and Darren called their look new traditional, reminiscent of trends he’d seen from Milan. They did get knocked for having their light switches outside however.

Our pick: Geology marble wall hook

Andy and Ben: fourth place and 19.5 points

Andy and Ben seriously stepped up their game this week and I thought they produced a very good bathroom, if not my style. “These boys are growing before our eyes,” said Shaynna. Neale said the artwork was a touch of genius.

All the judges felt that visually, everything was spot on. But their decision (or mistake) in not including a toilet made no sense and it clearly lost them a lot of points.

Our pick: Velvet Soap advertisement print

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