We take a look back through rookie renovators Clint & Hannah's house

Dear Hannah & Clint,

The Block Shop team wishes you every success at the auctions this weekend. What a marvellous house you have created!

Lots of love & peonies,

Blockshoppers ❤️

 Hannah & Clint's bathroom week 1 The Block 2017 It was a bad start to The Block for Hannah & Clint after a tiling disaster meant they had to rip everything all out and start again.
 Hannah & Clint guest bedroom week 2 The Block 2017 Week 2 was a sad one for Hannah & Clint but they managed to pull off a beautiful and well finished room despite having to leave The Block for Clint’s grandfather's funeral
 Hannah & Clint's kids bedroom week 3 The Block 2017 Hannah & Clint's kids bedroom saw them butt heads with the judges after changing the architect's plans.
 Hannah & Clint sitting room week 4 The Block 2017 Hannah and Clint finally took out a room win in week 4 with this beautiful sitting room
 Hannah & Clint's lounge dining room week 5 The Block 2017 Hannah & Clint took another risk this week in changing the architect’s plan to include a nib wall, and feature fire place, separating the dining and living spaces.
 Hannah & Clint's master suite week 6 The Block 2017 The judges loved Hannah & Clint's gorgeous & romantic master suite in week 6 with THAT wallpaper! ❤️❤️❤️
 Hannah & Clint's kitchen from week 7 The Block 2017 The judges were blown away by Hannah & Clint's use of cabinetry, styling, the continent-sized island as well as the colour palette.
 Hannah & Clint's hallway week 8 The Block 2017 Hannah & Clint's hallway may not of had the same wow factor of some of the others but we think it was beautifully presented.
 Hannah & Clint Laundry week 8 The Block 2017 Hannah & Clint revealed a VERY pretty laundry in week 8
 Hannah & Clint's second guest bedroom week 9 The Block 2017 Hannah & Clint's simple, yet sophisticated guest bedroom again with AMAZING wallpaper ❤️
 Hannah & Clint's backyard week 10 The Block 2017 I love the overall feeling of our backyard said Hannah
 Hannah & Clint's studio week 11 The Block 2017 Hannah & Clint's simple, yet stylish open-plan studio
 Hannah & Clint's font yard & facade week 12 The Block 2017 All the judges were impressed with Hannah & Clint's front yard & the blush coloured front door is just fab!

Prior to moving out Hannah & Clint gave some of their rooms a facelift and they FINALLY managed to finished their week 1 bathroom! Check out pictures below....

Hannah & Clint's finished bathroomWhat a fantastic bathroom Hannah & Clint were able to finish at the end of the seriesThe finished powder roomHannah & Clint changed up their second guest bedroomThe black cupboards got replaced with white which instantly gave the room a sense of having more spaceHannah & Clint changed the colour palette of their living/dining room, like it or not, the nib wall stayedHannah & Clint changed the kitchen to include their double door fridge

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