We chat with Queensland mum and dad contestants, Hannah and Clint

They were in their early twenties when they met and fell in love. Fast forward eleven years - and two kids - and Hannah, 32, an aviation worker and Clint, 34, an ex pro-NRL player, are taking on their next big challenge - The Block.


How long have you guys been together?

Clint - It was on a random night out. I was having dinner with a friend, and two good looking girls come walking down the street. One of them happened to be Hannah! That was back in 2006.

How old were you?

Hannah - I was 22. We spent my 23rd birthday together in Dubai, where I was working at the time. Two years later we had our first child!

 Hannah's previous career Hannah's previous career


C - Yeah! We were young. It was scary. I was coming off contract, the lease was up - and then we found out we were pregnant! We were a bit reserved when we told our parents, but they were over the moon.

H - I remember telling Mum and Dad and as soon as we got their reaction, we thought, ‘We’re going to be OK.’ My parents were young parents, and my Mum said, ‘You’re going to be an amazing Mum.’ And it’s all worked out. Everything happens for a reason - it takes you where you need to be. And this is where we’re at now!

On The Block! Had you applied before?

H - We applied last year, actually, but it wasn’t meant to be. But now it’s came full circle and here we are.

/media/blog/hannahclint_wedding.jpgHannah & Clint on their wedding dayHannah & Clint on their wedding dayYeah! We were young. It was scary. I was coming off contract, the lease was up - and then we found out we were pregnant!

Who’s idea was it to send in an application?

H - Mine. But we’d spoken over the years...

C - We’d sat on the couch going, ‘We could do that!’ We’ve also known people who’ve been on the show prior - Caro and Kingy, who are Townsville-based. And I knew Michael and Carlene from the Gold Coast.

H - When they found out we had got on, they reached out to us, and said congratulations.

Did they give you any advice?

H - They said, ‘Just enjoy the ride - and get some sleep before!’

Have you got any favourite couples from previous seasons?

H - I loved Dea and Daz (Deanne & Darren Jolly) - I loved Dea’s style. And she’s a mum, and so driven. I like her ‘Take no prisoners’ mentality.

Speaking of ‘Take no prisoners’ - Clint, you were a professional footballer. Did you quit to be on the show?

C - No. I finished in 2012 and went into a corporate role, and then went from that to work for a property developer.

So Hannah - does that make you an ex-WAG?

H - (laughs) I actually wouldn’t call myself a WAG. I’ve lived in Townsville my whole life, so I had my own little network of girlfriends. So no - I went to the games, and I supported Clint, but I don’t know. What is a WAG, anyway?

Tell us about your two children….

H - Finn has just turned seven in August and Poppy was five in June. They’re such good kids - we’re so lucky.

How do you feel about being away from them?

H - We have mixed feelings. We left the kids for ten days last year for a holiday. It was amazing, but it was pretty tough towards the end.  

C - I miss the cuddles...

H - You just crave their affection - it’s just like you can’t get enough of their little hands. It’s like they are addictive. You need their little warm bodies, and their hands wrapped around your neck - I miss those sorts of things.

 Clint with his two children Clint with their two children Poppy & Finn

Have you ever renovated before? How do you think you’ll go?

H - We have zero renovation experience.

C - But we built a house together, which was fun - from the ground up. We partnered up with one of the good builders up in Townsville. We were really hands on with them. We were like, ‘Can we push that wall out, take it out to the eaves...’

How how do you think you’ll go with this? Do you argue much?

H - Of course we do! Every couple argues! But we don’t get personal. We don’t hold grudges.

C - The little things we argue about.

H - Little things like pulling your weight - domestic things.

Clint, you were a professional footballer. How did you go transitioning back to everyday life after you retired?

C - I was fortunate in that I was able to network during my time with some influential people, who were able to guide me in the right direction after footy. I was realistic too. I probably knew I was approaching it. We had some really talented kids coming up from the grades below, but, also, I could feel my focus changing towards Hannah and Finn. And so I made that decision to finish first grade.

It sounds like you are both fairly adaptable people...

H - I think we adapt really well.

C - And we’re gypsies.

H - There is such a short amount of time we have on this earth - you’ve got to enjoy it while you’re healthy, and you’ve got the means.

 Hannah & Clint's first build Hannah & Clint's first build

Picture Gallery: Hannah & Clint's rooms so far:

Hannah & Clint's winning sitting roomHannah & Clint's guest bedroomHannah & Clint's bathroomHannah & Clint's lounge/dining roomHannah & Clint's kids bedroom

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