Vienna Woods: Bringing Boutique Back

Written by Domenica Kiely

What do you get when you mix the most gorgeous exclusive hand drawn prints with a quality range of products that are perfectly suited to the Australian lifestyle? You get Vienna Woods, an Australian brand that is this the next big thing!

With a range that encompasses sun umbrellas, cushion recliners, deck chairs, ottomans, beanbags and more, you will have everything you need to keep comfy and ready to enjoy all the joys of summer.

The entire Vienna Woods collection comes in four stylish prints that are exclusive to the label: Bermuda, Wellen, Belvedere and Tier.

Love a bit of monochrome? You will LOVE the Bermuda’s high-contrasting black and white geometric design. Prefer a splash of colour? The Wellen design features a wave illustration that is reminiscent of the most beautiful, rippling blue water. Those who are craving a trip to the tropics will go gaga for the Belvedere design which is bang on trend with its laid-back tropical vibe. The colour enthusiasts will love the Tier design with its subtle animal print and colourful abstract palette.

Beach lovers will not want to leave home without one of Vienna Woods’ gorgeous sun umbrellas. With a generous 1.8 metre canopy and UP 50+ protection, you’ll be kept safe from the harsh Aussie sun. It also comes with an over-the-shoulder carry bag that will make it easy to transport to and from your favourite sunny spot.

The Vienna Woods Deck Chair is next level. With quality double layer fabric, a hardwood timber frame and rust resistant hardware, a pillow headrest and 3 reclining positions, this deck chair is the perfect companion for a spot of sunshine and a great summer book.

There are two types of Vienna Woods beanbags: Beanbag and the Lifestyle Beanbag. The regular beanbag is traditionally structured, whilst the Lifestyle has a more relaxed aesthetic. Both styles are suitable for use indoors or outdoors and feature beautiful leather handles and a quality liner for safety.

If you want to be the first of your friends to sport a Vienna Woods accesory then you best get shopping now!