Triple room reveal on last night’s Block

I really couldn’t get TOO excited about last night’s room reveals because they were so utilitarian. I’ve never renovated and although I love wine, I currently can’t drink it because I’m pregnant, so maybe that’s why! Or the fact that a wine cellar is something so South Yarra is it outside most people’s reality, but a great feature for what will be luxury homes, nonetheless!

I was not surprised Dee and Daz won but I think they all did pretty well. Although I’m a little worried my favourite couple (personality wise) Ayden & Jess are losing their touch and I hated those brown mosaic tiles! Tim & Anastasia seem to be seriously lifting their game while Charlotte & Josh, bless them, but I just can’t get too excited. Here’s what the judges had to say…

Charlotte & Josh

The judges said their powder room was simple and elegant. Darren said it was just the right balance and liked the finish on the taps. Neale loved the tiny basin and Shaynna loved the touches of texture and personality. They all agreed it was almost perfect but they needed to be careful with attention to detail. And Shaynna thought the tap was too long for the basin.

Our pick to buy: Timber vanity shelf.

Shaynna said the laundry was like an oasis in a battlefield and a good size. Neale said it wasn’t a show pony but it had everything you’d want in a laundry. They were disappointed not to see a laundry chute but thought the speakers were a nice touch.

Then to the cellar. They loved the recycled timber wine rack. Neale said it was a serious cellar, beautifully done. And they all loved the storage area too. Then they cracked open a bottle and discovered it was full of coloured water! And were impressed by their money-saving ingenuity!

Tim & Anastasia: came a close second

All the judges were impressed by the size of the powder room. Neale said it had a feel of luxury and grandeur similar to last week’s bedroom. Shaynna was worried they were spending a bit too much money too soon, like on underfloor heating in the powder room. But Darren said why not in chilly Melbourne? Neale loved the styling. Darren said the execution and finishes were up to their usual standard.

Our pick to buy: Unika pendant light.

It was compliments all round for the laundry too. Darren said it felt well finished, resolved and really beautiful but needed better paintwork. Shaynna said a laundry chute would have been nice. Darren said he was very confident that they were on the right path now.

They all agreed the cellar was a serious cellar and they had put a lot of time and money into the wine collection. Neale said it was impressive in its simplicity. Shaynna preferred a moodier cellar and said that there were too many lights. It was all going so well until they realised how dangerous the glass door with no stopper was against a concrete bulkhead…

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