Time to party!

Time to party! 

The Block Shop opened its doors on February 15, celebrating with a party, attended by a host of ex-contestants, including Elyse (last year’s winner), Julia and Sasha (The Block 2016), Deanne Jolly (The Block Glasshouse) and Dani Wales (All Stars, Dorcas Street),

Scotty you missing something...don't forget to put your "F" in Fitzroy!

Joining them were Scotty, Shelley and this year’s crop of Blockheads - which, for the time being, we can’t reveal to you (I know, I know - but patience!)

The Block Shop owners, Sarah Armstrong and Emma Garland and the team had reason to celebrate - it had been a mammoth undertaking to open the doors in time for our launch, which was filmed as part of this year’s show.

“It was such a race to get it all done,” says the shop’s manager Danielle affectionately known as Harrie. “I came onboard in January, and at that point the space was still a restaurant - and there was even a disco ball hanging from the ceiling!

“We had just a few weeks to rip everything out, paint it, and install all the products.

“In the end it was like we were doing our very own Block! We were literally putting the final touches to everything as the doors were opening for guests to arrive.”

This year, The Block Shop Pop Up will service the contestants working across the road at The Gatwick. Thursdays to Sunday it’s open to the general public.

Pop in and say hi!

Co-owner of The Block Shop Sarah Armstrong with last year's winner Elyse Knowles

Carla O'Brien the talended neon artist who made the amazing The Block Shop sign!

Harrie manning the beautiful Lumbar Furniture desk at The Block Shop by day and night!

Scott Cam keeping the audienced captivated as usual at the launch party

Foreman Keith with Domain Editor and Block Judge Alice Stolz

Scotty Cam with the team from Suncorp

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