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The Gatwick’s Sisters buy Courtney and Hans Apartment

The Gatwick's previous owners, twin sisters Yvette and Rose —  who worked at the "Gatty" since they were 14 when it was owned by their Maltese migrant parents— had a happy homecoming, scooping up Hans and Courtney's apartment for $2,770,000.


Courtney and Hans For Sale Sign The Block. A very nervous Courtney and Hans prior to the auction.
Yvette Kelly and Rose Banks Gatwick. Yvette Kelly and Rose Banks officially declared the Gatwick OPEN at inspections earlier this month.
Courtney and Hans Auction Anxiety levels at a high on Scotty's auction couch...
Courtney and Hand Auction. Emergency exit plan thankfully wasn't needed!
Courtney and Hans Auction The Block 2018 It was a long and intense auction, what a fabulous job Wilson Agents did in bringing home the sale.
Courtney and Hans Auction The Block 2018 Pure SOLD! It's over.
Congratulations Yvette and Rose bought Courtney and Hans apartment. Congratulations Yvette and Rose, a happy homecoming scooping up Hans and Courtney's beautiful apartment.

Take a look back at Courtney and Hans apartment HERE

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