We get to know the framing company behind one of this year’s biggest Block innovations - those gorgeous framed TV-Mirrors!

You may have noticed those beautiful, framed TV-Mirrors popping up on The Block this year - they’re the handiwork of FRAMING TO A T, who celebrate 30 years in business this year. We chat with the Melbourne-based supplier...

Where do you produce your custom framing?
We manufacture all our products in-house in our state-of-the-art Manufacturing HQ in Melbourne’s South-East. Our team of expert framers and design consultants plan and produce every framed piece with a focus on conservation, to protect artworks, photographs and artful objects from fading or damage. 

Tell us about your newest product - those incredible TV-Mirrors!
The TV-Mirror is the perfect addition to any home. We disguise the TV with a transparent mineral glass so that when the TV is off, the piece functions as a beautiful quality framed mirror, and then when switched on, the TV can be viewed. We expanded into designing and producing custom TV-Mirrors in the last five years, and have created incredible TV-Mirrors for some of the most exquisite Australian homes. We’re thrilled to have been involved with The Block for the 2018 and 2019 seasons, and this year it was fabulous to have our products featured in four out of the five homes at The Oslo!

Framing to A T Vertical Leaner TV-Mirror by FRAMING TO A T. Styling by NC Interiors and Greenhouse Interiors for FRAMING TO A T. Photography by Armelle Habib.

That’s awesome. Which rooms can we see your custom made TV-Mirrors in?
We saw Jesse and Mel use the TV-Mirror in two of their bedrooms - they used one of our favourite designs this season, which is the Vertical Leaner TV-Mirror, which lends itself as a dress mirror by day, and television at night.

What an amazing idea..
The TV-Mirror is also a beautiful statement piece when featured in living rooms, as we see in Andy and Deb’s Formal Living Room and Mitch and Mark and El'ise and Matt’s Living and Dining Rooms. Often in these spaces, the furniture placement can revolve around a television, however designing a TV-Mirror for your space will create a more social space, with furniture placement geared more towards conversation and great entertaining.

Framing to A TVertical TV-Mirror by FRAMING TO A T. Styling by NC Interiors and Greenhouse Interiors for FRAMING TO A T. Photography by Armelle Habib.

Where can we come and see you in the flesh?
Alongside our Showroom and Manufacturing HQ in Melbourne's South-East, we have two beautiful boutiques based in Berwick and Brighton (in Melbourne) which stock a stunning selection of framed artworks, occasional furniture and homewares. Here our clients can not only design a custom framing choice for their artworks but also shop beautiful wares and framed art for their homes. We also offer a delivery and installation service Australia-wide.
Tell us a little about your team behind the brand…
As a husband and wife team, our directors Cath and Tony Stocks share the same important values in life and in running their business which has seen the business build from strength to strength over three decades in operation. The FRAMING TO A T team support our vision in providing expert quality product and exceptional customer service and we are so lucky to have such incredible people working with us and helping to grow our business.
Why do people choose your products?
We remain one of the highest quality conservation custom framers in Australia. Choosing FRAMING TO A T to design and produce your custom framing and custom TV-Mirrors will give you the confidence that the quality timbers and materials used are sustainably sourced and ethically produced. When the ‘throwaway lifestyle’ is something that we are all aware of, and conscious to eradicate this negative consumer behaviour, investing in an art purchase for it to last a lifetime is so important. We continue to share our quality framed art and custom framing expertise with our customers and we feel so grateful that our brand and vision has been so well received in our local communities, as well as interstate!
You can visit or call one of Framing to a T’s three locations in Melbourne, shop The Block contestants’ designs on The Block Shop website now, or if you’d like to arrange a custom made TV-Mirror email for a custom quote.
Framing to a T Framers & Designers deliver Australia-wide.

Jesse and Mel The Block featured a mirror TV
As seen in Jesse and Mel's Guest Bedroom, this TV-Mirror measures 1000mm x 560mm. Framed in a matte black frame, this piece includes a 43" Samsung Smart TV, Ultra HD.

Andy and Deb's Formal Living Room The BlockAs seen in Andy and Deb's Formal Living Room, this TV-Mirror measures 1250mm x 700mm. Framed in a gold frame with black detailing, this piece includes a 55" Samsung Smart TV, Ultra HD.

Jesse and Mel featuring a mirror TVAs seen in Jesse and Mel's Master Bedroom, this custom Leaner Mirror TV measures 1100mm x 2000mm. Framed in a matte black frame, this piece includes a 49" Samsung Smart TV, Ultra HD.

Mitch and Mark's Block room featuring a TV MirrorAs seen in Mitch and Mark's Living and Dining Room, this TV-Mirror measures 1300mm x 800mm. Framed in a wide gold leaf frame, this piece includes a 55" Samsung Smart TV, Ultra HD.

Matt and El'ise Living dining room The Block 2019 featuring a Mirror TVAs seen in El’ise and Matt's Living and Dining Room, this TV-Mirror measures 1230mm x 720mm. Framed in a matte black frame, this piece includes a 55" Samsung Smart TV, Ultra HD.

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with FRAMING TO A T

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