The Block 2020: Master Bed Reveal

We take a look in the contestant's master bedrooms... 

Harry and Tash Master Bedroom & WIR
Score 25 ½ / 30
Spent: $20,183.91
First Place

Harry and Tash Master Bedroom

Melbourne’s Harry and Tash have had an up and downtime on The Block showing a huge amount of emotion in the first three weeks of the Brighton build.

Right at the end of the week, Harry hurt his ankle and by judging time at Scotty’s HQ he had to sit down because of the pain.

So luckily at the end of judging it was a happy kind of emotion as they took out the win for their huge Master Bedroom and walk-in robe room reveals.

Harry and Tash Block Master Bedroom

The judges Darren, Shaynna and Neale thought both rooms were stunning, in particular the size of the Master Bedroom. 

“I’ve had apartments smaller than this,” Darren said.

“The vaulted ceilings, the pitched roof, it gives you the opportunity for this grandeur and this grace.”

The judges’ eyes immediately went straight to the raised ceiling that featured four skylights and fan.

Shaynna was a huge fan of the big screen mirrored TV that Tash selected.

She criticised the father and daughter team in week one for their choice of carpet but loved Tash’s dark choice that she chose from Carpet Court this week. 

A trend that we are seeing a lot of already this year on The Block is incredibly designed wallpaper, courtesy of Grafico.

The judges, in particular, Shaynna were fans of the beautiful, dark green print of Harry and Tash’s in the Master Bedroom.

“I love that wallpaper, it’s gorgeous, “Shaynna said.

“The fact that they weren’t thinking, there’s a bare wall, lets put some artwork on it – I applaud them for that because it doesn’t need it.” 

Harry and Tash Master Bedroom

Walking into the walk-in wardrobe all three judges again were impressed with the size. 

Neale loved the fact Harry and Tash put on a door on the wardrobe.

If one word had to sum the Walk In Wardrobe up, it would be glamorous, and perhaps, grand.

“It’s grand, it’s really grand and stately,” Darren said. 

The pendant light from Beacon Lighting was stunning and Tash’s beautiful styling touches such as a handbag won praise from the judges. 

So after a tough few weeks, a few arguments with Foreman Keith along the way and some issues with their trades, it was a huge sigh of relief for Harry and Tash as they took out the win. 

“I’m so proud of us,” Tash said.

“I’m obsessed with this room. 

“It’s beautiful, it feels like us.” 

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Daniel and Jade Master Bedroom & WIR
Score 25 / 30
Spent: $21,801.59
Equal second place

 Daniel and Jade Block Master bedroom

Last week judge Neale, in particular, was very critical of our farmers Daniel and Jade for ignoring the 1930s brief for their Guest Ensuite bathroom. 

Daniel and Jade took notice of this and delivered a very era-appropriate Master Bedroom and walk-in robe.
There were so many features that had a nod to the 1930s, including a stunning ceiling rose and the gold cabinet in the bedroom that the judges felt was the hero of the room reveal. 

For the third time this week, Grafico had installed some wallpaper, but unlike Sarah and George’s print in House No.2, the judges loved it.

Daniel and Jade Master Bedroom

“It’s Hollywood, and it’s also very thirties,” Neale said.

The bedside lights Shaynna loved, even though she thought they were daggy. 

All three judges thought the colour palette of the linen really worked, adding a contemporary feel to the room. 

Jade has been second-guessing her styling all throughout The Block, but she didn’t have to this week – she was on point. 

Neale loved the huge floral arrangement and artwork.

“It’s not really my taste, but I like the boldness of it,” he said.

The only issue that Darren raised was they should have had a king-size bed, considering this was a Master Bedroom in the middle of Brighton. 

Stepping into the walk-in wardrobe, Darren loved the laminate on the Kinsman designed wardrobe and shelves.

Kinsman has done a brilliant job this week supplying all the walk-in wardrobes on The Block yet again.

“The laminate screams 1930s,” he said. 

“That is hot. 

“The black detailing, the lovely black handles which I loved so much last time, and the finish on the doors.” 

He was full of praise.

Shaynna also noticed the jewellery and the rotating shoe closet.


Daniel and Jade Master bedroom

Overall it was a very good week for Daniel and Jade. 

They acknowledged the wonderful praise, considering sometimes just how difficult it is to work to a certain era.

“I find it hard because art deco can take you in a few different directions,” Jade told The Block Shop.

This week that direction was 100 per cent right. 

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Luke and Jasmin Master Bedroom & WIR
Score 25 / 30
Spent: $20,218.90
Equal second place

Luke and Jasmin Master Bedroom

The Perth married couple really had the judges excited about their Master Bedroom, but not so much their walk-in wardrobe.

It’s fair to say Luke and Jasmin probably would have taken the win out if it was just judging last night on the bedroom alone. 

Walking into the Master Bedroom all the judges loved what Luke and Jasmin had done with their bay window, and the seat by the window. 

The room that included a beautiful bone inlay bedsides and mirror TV was a huge improvement for Luke and Jasmin considering where they came from in week one when they struggled with the 1910s era.

Luke and Jasmin Block Master Bedroom

“I feel since last week’s bathroom, Luke and Jasmin are on an incredible trajectory,” Neal said.

“They’ve found their style and they are going to run with it.” 

Darren believes the bedroom had perfect nods to the era but a fantastic contemporary style as well.

While they loved the four-poster bed, but like Daniel and Jade in House No.3, they believed they should have considered a king-size bed especially because they are building a house in Brighton. 

Unfortunately, however, the judges were less than impressed with the walk-in wardrobe, saying it lacked hanging space and storage, a common theme this week during judging. 

“The bedroom is so special, all of us wanted this walk-in wardrobe to be as special,” Neale said. 

Despite the mixed feedback Luke and Jasmin were very happy with the judges’ comments, especially now they are really nailing the 1920s brief. 

Luke and Jasmin Block Master Bedroom

“It looks beautiful,” Luke said.

“We are really hitting our brief now, finding cohesiveness between our style and this 1910s federation style. 

Meanwhile, Jasmin told The Block Shop that so far three weeks in, everything is great between her and the other girls on The Block.

“There is no tension, it’s just not there yet,” she said.

“At the moment I feel like I’m going to the shops and helping my friends and give the girls advice.

“Because we have got different eras, that sense of competition is there but also not really, because our eras and our houses are so different.” 

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Sarah and George Master Bedroom & WIR 
Score 23 /30
Spent: $24,997.29
Third Place

Sarah and George Block Master Bedroom

The hero of Sarah and George’s Master Bedroom was and the incredible original ceiling rose from their 1940s house they saved and restored.

The level of detail of the ceiling rose wowed the judges, that George hilarious dubbed Ceiling Dion after the Canadian songstress.

“All the detail in this, the fact it has been restored so beautifully, this is exactly what the period is about,” Darren said.

When Neale looked down from the ceiling, he wasn’t however too impressed.

He wasn’t a fan of the Grafico wallpaper, calling it too dominant.

“My eye is taken by the mural which I feel like I have seen many times,  it’s too dominant and overwhelming,” he said.

George didn’t pay too much attention to Neale’s comments.

“The only person I listen to is my real estate agent,” he said.
“If he tells me it’s a piece of s..t, it will come off the wall.” 

Sarah and George Master Block bedroom

Both Darren and Shaynna loved the fireplace, Darren did feel it should have been a bit lower in placement in the bedroom.

Darren also was a fan of the stunning pendant light.

“The pendant is really appropriate, it references the linear elements of the ceiling here,” he said. 

“That’s really nice as well.” 

Sarah and George had a print of Marilyn Monroe hanging on the wall, and the judges while they liked it, they thought it was more 1950s rather than 1940s.

Walking into the walk-in wardrobe, while all three judges thought it was more functional then Harry and Tash’s, they thought it lacked a lot of glamour.

They did like the mirror which plays music. 


Sarah and George Block Master Bedroom

Neale thought the styling wasn’t up to scratch, and Sarah acknowledged this is where she needs to improve.

“We knew it was going to be hit or miss,” she said.

“I think it’s the styling I need to focus on and get that down pat because I feel that is what it takes for the room to get the next level.”

Our Western Sydney couple takes the judges comments to heart every week, and we all will be hoping for some better news in the coming weeks.

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Jimmy and Tam Master Bedroom & WIR
Score 21 ½ / 30
Spent: $32,708.09
Fourth place 

Jimmy and Tam Block master bedroom

After hearing the judges feedback about the incredible bedroom they delivered this week, Jimmy and Tam would have been confident they were going to take out a record fourth win in a row on The Block. 

But it wasn’t to be after a controversial decision by the pair to go against the trend and build there walk-in wardrobe next to their Ensuite and not the Master Bedroom.
This means to get to the wardrobe, whoever lives in the house would have to walk through the bathroom, which is exactly the opposite of what is usually done.

Jimmy and Tam knew they were taking a risk with the controversial planning decision, and it didn’t pay off. 

Jimmy and Tam Block master bedroom

“I think that the Master is one of the most important parts of the house because people that are buying in it are living in it so you have to get it right,” Shaynna Blaze said. 

“I’m sorry, but this is a disaster.” 

The judges also thought the Walk In Wardrobe was far too small for a Brighton home. 

Now back to some positive feedback. 

They loved what Jimmy and Tam did with the bedroom, saying it was one of the best rooms they have seen on The Block so far.

The beautiful fireplace that went all the way up to the raised ceiling with VELUX skylights

Tam had sourced an incredible bed and bedside table that suited the 1950s era perfectly.

Her styling once again was seriously on point. 

Jimmy and Tam Block Master Bedroom

Neale noted the stunning Slim Aaron prints, yet another example of getting the 1950s brief right.

“I think Jimmy and Tam have really understood how to fuse the fifties with the present day,” he said. 

“That’s what I have felt they have nailed since day one, and they have not let me down or disappointed me yet.” 

Darren recommended that Jimmy and Tam rip the wardrobe down and replace it with an ensuite, but the Brisbane couple will explore all options and are not sold on that idea yet. 

It was a very different week of judging for the couple as they ended up on the bottom of the leader board.

But with their hard work ethic and positive attitude that has been there since day one on The Block, they are determined to put it all behind them going into next week. 

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