Take a squiz at The Block’s floorplans

Every house at The Oslo is SO different! 

Here’s a look at all our contestants’ updated floorplans. As you’ll be able to see, every house this year is TOTALLY different! Wrap your head around what's-what with these detailed plans:

The Block floorplans

HOUSE 1 - Mitch and Mark's final Block floorplan

Mitch and Mark have worked consistently to produce a house that is the epitome of ‘Palm Springs luxe’. Will their decision to turn the top floor of House One into an entertainer’s space pay dividends come Auction Day? Only time will tell, but they’re placed well to take out a win.

View Mitch and Mark's rooms
Mitch and Mark Block Floorplan

HOUSE 2 - Tess and Luke's final Block floorplan

Our young-gun contestants had a rocky start, but over the past few weeks have consistently revealed rooms that exude a contemporary, modern style. Their home may not have the bells and whistles of some others, but it’s bound to appeal to a very broad cross-section of buyers.

View Tess and Luke's rooms
Tess and Luke Block floorplan

HOUSE 3 - Deb and Andy's Block floorplan

Andy and Deb chose to change the architect’s plans, creating a stunning lightwell ‘void’ at the centre of their home. The result has been a living/dining area flooded with natural light, playing perfectly with their clean-lined ‘coastal luxe’ home. These two are in with a real chance.

View Deb and Andy's rooms
Deb and Andy's Block floorplan

House 4 - El'ise and Matt's final Block floorplan

El’ise and Matt started strong, delivering some truly exceptional rooms in the early weeks. They had their confidence knocked, missing some vital wins mid-competition, but their decision to reveal three potential ‘main bedrooms’ could turn out to be a master stroke. Watch this space.

View El'ise and Matt's rooms
Elise and Matts Block floorplan

House 5 - Jesse and Mel's final Block floorplan

Real estate agent Jesse and his partner Mel came out all guns blazing, winning that all-important first challenge. Their enthusiasm hasn’t let up since, and they’ve consistently delivered exceptional high-end rooms sure to tempt those elusive top-end buyers. Finishing strong.

View Jesse and Mel's rooms
Jesse and Mels Block floorplan

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