The best outdoor areas of all time!

Start getting excited people - it's Outdoor Week! And to get us all in the mood, here's some top-notch inspo from years gone by...

 Josh Elyse Winning backyard The Block 2017 It’s got the three things you need - a fantastic pool, a fantastic barbie, and somewhere to enjoy dinner,” Neale said of Josh and Elyse's winning backyard.
 Josh and Elyse Pool Elsternwick 2017 “This is phenomenal,” Shaynna said. “How do you do an inground pool in a week?”...Dave Franklin of course!
 Mark and Duncan's All Star garden in 2013. Mark and Duncan's All Star garden in 2013 was a memorable one.
 Dean and Shay Blocktagon Terrace Dean and Shay wowed the judges with a luxurious-yet-friendly penthouse terrace in 2015.
 Dale and Brad's downstairs terrace Dale and Brad's downstairs terrace was a hit, it was a fabulous effort by the boys who showed us a beautifully styled area.
 Josh Jenna backyard 2013 The Block Josh and Jenna's Block All Star family friendly backyard in 2013.
 Kim and Chris's terrace was a To quote Shaynna Blaze, Kim and Chris's terrace from 2016 was a "knockout."
 Dea and Darren Triple Threat Outdoor Area Dea and Darren took out the win with this incredible outdoor transformation in 2015.
 Kyal and Kara Terrace It was described as the crowning glory of their apartment, Kyal and Kara took out the win at The Block Fav vs Faves in 2014.
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