Sleep Easy with a Fabric Bedhead

I am a firm believer that your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and it’s not necessarily just your bedroom either, we are talking about your child’s room and any guest bedrooms that you may also have...

Dani Wales
Photo Courtesy: Dani Wales Instagram

Believe it or not, on average, we sleep for a third of our lives, so where we sleep needs to reflect who we are and provide you with feelings of relaxation, calm and happiness all at once. It might seem like a lot to expect out of a bedroom but I can guarantee that if you love where you sleep, you will not only sleep better, but also end up being happier and more proactive during the day.

Your bed is, without a doubt, the main focal points in the bedroom and something that goes a long way to giving your room some personality and helping to achieve that feeling of sanctuary that we all desire, is your bedhead. This is the same for your child as well. Kids especially need to have a room that they love and feel comfortable in, and they will have no issues expressing what they want when it comes to their bed, so let them have a bit of fun, and they will love getting creative with their bedhead.

Guest bedrooms are often forgotten about, but I think we all go through those feelings of anxiety when guests come to stay, about having a comfortable and practical guest bedroom. It’s not a room that you want to be spending a lot of money on, but it is a room that you want to ensure makes your guests feel welcome and comfortable, they are on holiday after all.

Upholstered and fabric bedheads have been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to renovating shows like The Block, but you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a look that you really love. Gone are the days where you are forced to spend thousands on a designer bedhead, as you can now pick one up relatively cheap or even whip one up yourself, as DIY bedheads are fast becoming a popular and cost effective option. Not only will an upholstered or fabric bedhead bring loads of interest to your room, as you can get creative with fabrics patterns, textures & colours, but it also creates a sense of warmth and cosiness.

For further bedhead inspiration check out all these beautiful options available now at The Block Shop.

 Emerald Green Velvet Buttoned Bedhead, Custom Made, Double Size by MARTINI FURNITURE from The Block Shop This gorgeous Emerald Green Velvet Buttoned Upholstered Bedhead range not only looks classy, but feels amazing! Wouldn't you just LOVE this luxuriously soft velvet bedhead with delicate buttoned detail in your bedroom?
 The Fransen Headboard, Full Leather, Single  by COCO UNIKA from The Block Shop The Fransen teak and leather bedhead stands behind your mattress and base and will help transform your space!
 The Fern Headboard, Blush Rose Leather, Queen  by COCO UNIKA from The Block Shop The Fern teak and leather strapping bedhead simply stands behind your mattress and base. A stunning piece of furniture to turn a bedroom into a haven that you will never want to leave!
 Trigg Bedhead Husk, Various Sizes by MAYVN INTERIORS from The Block Shop Casual flange edge with centre French stitch detail.
 Anouk Bedhead Lead, Various Sizes  by MAYVN INTERIORS from The Block Shop Low profile, contemporary bedhead with large matt bronze nailhead trim down face of each wing.

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