Shaynna in the spotlight..

Shaynna takes to the stage!


OUR much-loved judge of The Block Shaynna Blaze launched her new music at a function in Melbourne on Tuesday night.

The joyful and uplifting night saw Shaynna sing five songs, including her debut single Warrior which can only be called as an anthem. Warrior is out today and Shaynna has written and produced with musician and composer Gary Pinto.

She initially started writing music in 2017 when talking about her film The Fort, but after work, other commitments and the Covid-19 pandemic things were put on the backburner. But now the time is right to release the music. "To tell you the truth I was going to release the music after Celebrity Apprentice, but it didn't feel right," she said. "The songs all needed a bit of work. "Then you get busy working on other stuff, and things just get pushed back."

One version of Warrior features the empowering words and speeches of Julia Gillard, former Australian of the Year Grace Tame, and Brittany Higgins. With what is going on in Australia right now, it's so timely, and that isn't lost on Shaynna. "I feel the time and the words of the song have real purpose, with everything that is going on in Australia right now," she said.

"This song is about us banding together and having a voice." Music has always been a huge part of Shaynna's life, coming from her mother who loved musical theatre and the family always had a soundtrack on in the background.

Over the years she has popped in and out of music and performed in bands, so the question has been asked the past few weeks - what took you so long in releasing original music? "I've been so busy and the thing is, I love what I do," she said. "I know that it's been reported that I'm doing a big career shift, but I'm not "This is part of me that makes me a creative, you can do many things. "You just don't let those things go."

Guests at the launch included fellow Block judge Darren Palmer, Joel Creasey, singer Tania Doko and fashion designer Sonia Cappellazzo.

Shaynna wore two incredible designs by Sonia, who also regularly dresses her on The Block. Warrior is out now and will be followed by an EP later in the year, and let's hope some more live performances as magical as Tuesday night.