Scotty’s handed everyone $25k - but is it too late for Sticks and Wombat?

Couples with Scotty at HQ The Block 2017

At Sunday night’s room reveals, Scotty told the couples he’d be willing to bail them out of their financial worries - to the tune of a whopping $25,000. But is it too late for Sticks and Wombat?

The friends from New South Wales were dealt a major blow last week when they found $40,000 worth of unpaid invoices hiding in Wombat’s junk mail folder. Even with Scotty’s emergency $25k - they’re still in all sorts of strife.

“That will just take us back to zero,” Wombat explains. “Because we were minus $25k before Scotty slid [the extra] into our bank account.”

They’re not the only ones doing it tough this week. Ronnie and Georgia, who have won the most rooms this series, sitting pretty on a surplus of thousands, were stung to the tune of an enormous $26,000 last week, due to problems with the installation of their pool.

Hannah and Clint - who have come last four weeks in a row - are also in the doldrums.

It’s dire straits all round.

“We are all pretty much dead broke,” Hannah says. “We have all run out of money - and we still have the studio and garage to do, as well as our front facade.”

For his part, Scotty says he’s not entirely surprised they’ve all got themselves in this position.

 Scott Cam & Sarah The Block 2017 Scotty and his assistant Sarah give contestant Sarah a lesson in budgeting earlier in the series

“After chatting with you last Friday, it became very clear that none of you were going to finish,” he told them all at Sunday’s Room Reveal.

He thinks their problems started when they all went too hard to begin with, not pacing themselves for the bigger, more expensive spaces still to come.

“There are many people that rip and tear and get stuck into it,” Scott says, saying underestimating budgets is a common problem with new renovators.

“That is why you have got to have a plan. And have something to work towards.  

“It’s so important to make sure you plan the whole job out, from start to finish. This is why there are so many people who have unfinished renovations at their house - Jason and Sarah are one of them.”

And Sticks and Wombat might be following suit, unless they get their acts together, and use those vouchers, bartered from the other contestants.

A challenge win also wouldn’t go astray.

“You don’t want to get in this position when you’re building,” Sticks says. “We need to get money from somewhere - or we are going to have to shut it down.”

Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that.


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