Scott Cam tells us why we moved The Block houses

/media/blog/IMG_2985.JPGMoving Houses on The BlockMoving Houses on The Block

Moving the houses is a great alternative to demolishing them, and I cut my teeth on those styles of homes— timber frame, weatherboard— so I love that style of house and it gives you instant heritage in the street. You can’t rebuild that sort of house—well you can, but it’s better to get an old one that’s got a little bit of life about it and save it from demolition. Plus, it’s a cost-effective way of putting a house on a block of land, too. 

I’m really excited for this season, I think our contestants are very competitive, they’re fantastic. The houses are incredible, the block of land is incredible. It’s the biggest block we’ve ever done, floorspace-wise, and I think that the friction between our competitive contestants, the rollercoaster of the whole show, is going to make for compelling viewing. /media/blog/Regent_Street-19.jpg

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