Scott Cam: My Favourite Block Bedrooms

Scott Cam has hosted The Block since 2010 - he's seen a LOT of bedrooms revealed on The Block. He shares his favourites with Insider Style...


I think the soap and candle factory (The Block 2016) —the ground floor apartment by Will & Karlie  because of that wall and the high ceilings.

Will and Karlie Master Bedroom the Block 2016

Show-stopping feature wall in Karlie and Will's amazing Block Apartment 


Also looking back a bit, Kyle and Kara’s bedroom at Fans Vs Favourites in 2014, their master bedroom was amazing.


Kyal and Kara's master bedroom 2016

Kyal and Kara Master bedroom 2014

Kyal and Kara presented a beautifully orignal master bedroom with their signature earthy touches. 



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