Scott Cam: Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

/media/blog/Scott_Cam_HQ-5_2017.jpgScott Cam at HQ 2017“If you don’t agree with the judges - bad luck!”

Just because he’s reading out the scores, doesn’t mean he necessarily agrees with them.

Poor old Scotty - he has the unenviable job of handing out those scores each week on Reveal Night. And it’s not always easy - especially if the judges have slated someone’s hard work. His advice to the contestants? Get over it, and move on.

“It’s The Block - bad luck. This is constructive criticism,” he says “The feedback is sometimes brutal. And if I think they deserve it - well... But at the end of the day, I am just the messenger, and all I’m doing is reading it out.

“It’s The Block - these people need to learn to cop it on the chin.

Easier said than done. Yep, we’re looking at you, Dea Jolly!

“I seem to remember she called Shaynna a bogan,” Scotty laughs. “Dee just couldn’t cope with criticism. She thought she was the queen of design, and she wasn’t.”

She’s not the only culprit - over twelve series, there have been plenty of side-eyes cast in Scotty’s direction. But, as ever, he’s unconcerned.

“They get upset with me because I’m reading it out, and they argue with me,” he says. “And I have to say, ‘Listen, I’m just reading it. You are the ones that did it.’

“If you don’t agree with the judges - bad luck!”


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