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Sara and Hayden’s secret weapon…is a bath!

Wait - What? THAT’S why they picked their apartment?

Sara and Hayden Brass Bath

Wait, what? You picked your apartment because of a...bath! Yep, you heard right, Sara and Hayden have finally revealed the REAL reason they decided to choose Apartment Three - and it’s all because of a large brass bath. This luxurious and sophisticated freestanding handcrafted brass bath with a charcoal exterior has been designed and completed in Melbourne.
“It’s our secret weapon,” Sara says. “Everything ties in with that bath - that’s why we’ve done brass and black doors, that’s why we’ve got brass furnishings.
“This is what’s setting the mood for the rest of our apartment.”

Sara and Hayden's Mood board for the Bathroom The Royal 'Mood Board' where Sara and Hayden are getting their inspiration from this week. Will the bathroom be fit for a Princess?

The couple sure seem to be banking a lot on their decision to purchase this bath - for a cool $7,500. But have they really made the best decision? Keith isn't so sure, but Sara's certain their decision to steak so much on one item will pay off come Room Reveal.
“This is the hero piece of the entire apartment - that’s how important this bathroom is,” she says. “Our bath has got the wow factor. If we don't win I’m throwing my mic out and I’m walking out.”
Ooh, them’s fighting words! Let’s hope it pays off.

Sara and Hayden working in Bathroom nervous about what the judges will think. The Block. Have they really made the best decision? We hope it pays off for you both come Room Reveal on Sunday.

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