The Master Suite Revealed

 Josh & Elyse master suite Josh & Elyse take out their third win!

Score: 28.5 / 30

Josh and Elyse won this week with the presentation of a stunning, sophisticated master bedroom and ensuite space, which the judges absolutely adored.

“I love the render, the colour palette, the look, the feel - it feels beautiful,” said Shaynna, upon entering the room.

pink quilted bedhead worked beautifully with luxurious curtains, two oversized chairs and a gorgeous bespoke pink daybed. A beautiful beaded chandelier in the stairway, and a gorgeous concrete rendered wall, all added to the luxe, sophisticated feel, making the suite feel generous and grand.

“I think it speaks to luxury - its really nice,” said Darren, who also loved the couple’s generous ensuite space, which featured a huge mirror as well as an exposed display area for shoes and bags.

Like the main bedroom space, their ensuite was just as impressive. After much deliberation, Josh and Elyse opted for a pale blue tile, which they laid in a herringbone style as a feature in their generous shower space - and the judges were smitten.

“This is a ‘va-va-voom bathroom,” Neale said, upon stepping foot in the space.

They loved the double white rounded sinks, and the couple’s use of marble detailing

“It feels very beautiful,” Shaynna said.

They also loved the fact the couple chose to present a large bath as well as the shower.

“This has the same functionality [as Ronnie and Georgia’s bathroom], but there’s a sense of space,” Shaynna said.

Josh and Elyse were understandably thrilled with the feedback.

“We are the youngest couple on The Block,” Elyse said. “It was hard work - but it paid off.”

And now Shaynna firmly believes they are in front to take out an overall win come Auction day. High praise indeed.

Josh & Elyse's almost perfect Master bedroomJosh & Elyse were understandably thrilled with the judges feedback“This is a ‘va-va-voom bathroom,” Neale said, upon stepping foot into Josh & Elyse's ensuite“I think it speaks to luxury - its really nice,” said Darren of Josh & Elyse's room

Elsewhere on The Block

Hannah and Clint Score: 25/30

Femininity was the order of the day in Hannah and Clint’s master bedroom. The couple used soft, pale pink hues, which, when combined with the stunning floral wallpaper feature wall, gave the room a gorgeous, romantic feel.

And the judges loved it. Not only did they receive this week’s Domain prize, they also scored highly with Neale, Shaynna and Darren.

“I was pretty confident that the judges would love that wallpaper. How could you not? It’s stunning,” Hannah said of their Grafico feature wall.

Neale agreed, saying, “it creates a sense of romance in here.”

Placed in front of the wallpaper, their generous Heathley bedhead also worked well with the velvet occasional chairs, placed to create a functional and pretty sitting area.

The judges also loved their walk-in robe space, complete with enormous central island for clothing and accessories storage. They were also enamoured with their simple, yet luxe, ensuite space, which included LED lights, a deluxe showerhead, a double vanity and gorgeous mirrors.

Hannah & Clint's master bedroomThe judges loved Hannah & Clint's walk-in robe spaceThe judges were also enamoured with Hannah & Clint's simple, yet luxe, ensuite space

Ronnie and Georgia Score: 28/30

Shaynna loved Ronnie and Georgia’s stylish master suite, awarding the couple a nine out of ten for the simple yet gorgeously styled space, which featured black cabinetry, a generous oversized bed, and another stunning artwork by Steve Cross (also responsible for their painting downstairs).

This was a room that had all the bells and whistles, featuring a state-of-the-art TV that slid out of the wall, as well as a grand entrance hallway, providing the room with a sense of luxurious sanctuary, and offering much-needed privacy.

Like Hannah and Clint, Ronnie and Georgia used hints of blush pink in the room, most notably with their bed linen - and the judges were blown away by their colour palette.

“It’s a very modern version of what they have done downstairs,” Shaynna said.

A pink occasional chair provided a sweet reading space, while the walk-in robe, and cupboards at each end of the room, provided unsurpassed functionality.

They also loved the bathroom, with all three judges appreciating the extra addition of a shell bath in the space.

“It’s exactly the bathroom that goes with that bedroom,” Neale said.

Ronnie & Georgia's master bedroomRonnie & Georgia's walk-in robeThe judges loved Ronnie & Georgia's bathroom, with all three judges appreciating the extra addition of a shell bath in the space

Sticks and Wombat 24/30

Hats off to Wombat this week, who managed to deliver a gorgeous, “luxurious” master bedroom and ensuite - solo! While buddy Sticks was away, awaiting the birth of his baby, Wombat worked to create a gorgeous sanctuary upstairs, with timber details, and finishes that were the best seen that week on The Block.

Central to the room was a beautiful timber bedhead, grey lounge, and a huge timber fan.

“This is light and bright,” Neale said. “It’s actually a really lovely room. There is something charming about it...and I am a big fan of the fan!”

Hidden behind the bed was a luxurious walk-in robe space, which Wombat dressed beautifully, with round feature mirrors from Freedom, and a large drawer space, with blonde wood detail.

“The laminate is gorgeous, and the door handles are magic,” said Shaynna, admiring the finishes.

Their ensuite was just as impressive, the white bathroom with black tapware features scoring high praise from the judges, who particularly loved the exposed beam in the shower area.

“It’s generous and well-thought-through,” Neale said.

Sticks & Wombat's master bedroom“The laminate is gorgeous, and the door handles are magic,” said Shaynna of Sticks & Wombat's walk-in robeSticks & Wombat's white bathroom with black tapware features scoring high praise from the judges

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