Room Reveal One: Downstairs Bedroom

Congratulations to all of our couples, what a way to kick off our Room Reveals! This week we bring you a list of our couple's favourite items used in their first Room Reveal. You can also see our couple's finished rooms and shop the look here!


1.  Shop Alisa & Lysandra

2.  Forty Winks Bedroom Furniture

3.  Urban Road Idigo Deer

4.  Cushions galore

5.  Alisa & Lysandra Collections Pendant

6.  Beacon Lighting Celing Fan

7.  Shop Steve & Chantelle

8,  Printism Melbourne Vintage Print

9.  Printism Sydney Vintage Print

10.  Shop Kyal & Kara

11.  Christopher Cayetano Artwork

12.  Zuster Copper Mirror

13.  Book: A Place to Call Home by Jason Grant

14.  Book:  Gypsey by Sibella Court

15.  Book:  Things I love by Megan Morton

16.  Shop Brad & Dale

17.  Van Dieman Gulf Artwork | Megan Weston

18.  South Direction Island Artwork | Megan Weston