Room Reveal: Guest Bedroom | Part 2

We take a look inside the contestants first guest bedrooms


Matt and Elise Guest Bedroom Week 1 - The Block

SCORE: 21/30

All three judges loved the simple, understated glamour of Matt and Elise’s stylish guest bedroom, which came complete with a walk-in robe, ornate fireplace and one absolutely stunning pendant light.
“It feels like it has nods to heritage, but it is still very, very contemporary,” said Darren Palmer. 
Shaynna agreed: “The details are just beautiful - cornice, picture rails, skirting; the detail in the cabinets, and the fireplace...they paint a really beautiful picture here,” she said.
The couple chose plain white walls to offset their oversized slate-grey bedhead, which worked beautifully with the floral bedlinen, luxe mustard velvet throw, brass bedside tables and ornate mirror above the fireplace.
But, arguably, the biggest hero in the room came in the guise of that stunning chandelier, which all three judges absolutely adored. 
“There is a lot of luxury in here, isn’t there?” Darren said upon stepping into the room. “Not in unnecessary spend - we have plain white joinery that’s simply painted - [but] it still has the language of luxury.”
It also had a sense of humour, with quirky inclusions like an old brass trumpet, a cute monkey bowl and hand-made ornaments adorning the space. 
“This couple show they have a great sense of style,” Neale said. “But the room also has personality. There are little touches of humour, like the trumpet up’s got enough personality to appeal to the St Kilda market.” 

Matt and Elise Guest Bedroom Week 1 - The Block
Matt and Elise Guest Bedroom Week 1 - The Block


Jesse and Mel Guest Bedroom 1 - The Block

SCORE: 25.5/30

Jesse and Mel took out this year’s very first Room Reveal, picking up the proceeds of the safe in the process - and what a room they revealed!
“It’s really exciting,” said Shaynna upon stepping inside the room, which featured a muted palette, offset with a simply stunning ornate velvet feature wall
Neale was blown away.
“I have never seen a room finished to this standard in week one of The Block,” he said. “I just love it. The colour palette they have used, and the heritage details [are fantastic].”
All three judges loved the couple’s choice of artwork, a stunning piece by artist Liam Murphy. Mel then picked out the colours in the artwork as furnishings for the bed, which featured dusky pinks, greens and blues.
It hit the mark.
“It feels like a really modern, brand new build, with all the appropriate heritage details,” Darren said, pointing out that he loved the wooden chandelier, slate grey cabinetry, fabric wall panel, occasional chair, and art.
All three agreed that the room, which also featured a walk-in robe space, was the perfect marriage of contemporary and heritage. “The balance of scale, colour and the drama of the colour of the Freedom wardrobes is spot on,” Shaynna noted. “They have painted the walls white, but balanced it with the velvet wall, so it has a lot of energy to the colour palette in here, which is quite exciting.”
The couple even ticked another box by ensuring their state-of-the-art television also doubled as a mirror!
Neale pointed out that Jesse and Mel are shaping up to be a true “Triple Threat” - St Kilda residents, Jesse is a real estate agent and they both have a great sense of style.

Jesse and Mel Guest Bedroom 1 - The Block

Jesse and Mel Guest Bedroom 1 - The Block
Congratulations guys - we cannot wait to see what you do next.

If you missed Part 1 of the reveal please click HERE

Score Wrap Up:
Jesse and Mel - 25.5/30 (winners of the first room reveal and that SAFE!!)
Mitch and Mark - 24/30
Matt and El'ise - 21/30
Tess and Luke - 17.5/30
Andy and Deb - 17.5/30

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