Hannah & Clint: Rookie Renovators go rogue!

Early on in the piece, Hannah and Clint decided they wanted to do something different with their home, choosing to change the floor plans given to them by The Block’s architect, Julian Brenchley. They chose to do a large, central bathroom, and have also changed the location of their child’s bedroom. But are these reno rookies making a huge mistake? After all, they have no prior experience.

Hannah doesn't’ seem to think so.

“Eventually we will probably make [that room] a study. And that study will have it’s own courtyard,” Hannah explains. “We’ll let the owner make the eventual choice as to what they want to do with the room.

“And it’s a very easy fix. There is a bookshelf, some cabinetry - you can change the hardware and it’s a sitting area. The brief was kid’s room, so that is what we had to style.”

Block architect, Julian Brenchley, admits he was a little surprised to learn of their plans. But he’s reserving judgement until the house is finished in it’s entirety.

“Yeah, look - I am going to wait until it’s finished,” he explains. “I kind of get what they’re doing. But I also don’t really get it at all. So I have got to wait and see. And luckily for them I am not a judge on the show!

“There are some weird decisions that people make along the way, and then they backtrack and come back and change things, so it’s hard to say how it will end up.”

Hannah admits she’s also nervously waiting to see if their long-term plan will pay off.

“Being first timers, you don’t want to ruffle feathers,” she says. “We get so much feedback, questioning whether it was the right thing to do that we started to doubt our decision. But after the discussion we had with Alice (Stolz), it reiterated everything that we initially said - she did say what we thought.”

Alice was in agreement that, so long as they had two powder room spaces, doing a large, central bathroom was a good idea - even if it meant taking space from their ‘children’s’ room.

“We will be adding another toilet into our laundry, so she said it’s not necessarily a requirement, and to put that money into a beautiful outdoor living space instead,” Hannah says.

She was also pleased to hear Shelley and Scotty agree.

“They think it’s a great idea, to save the money and put it into a beautiful outdoor entertainer's area,” she says. “So I think we are on the right track.”

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