Ronnie & Georgia's winning streak

We always knew experienced renovators Ronnie and Georgia would come out all guns blazing. But winning three out of four rooms? They’re on fire! Why are they on such a winning streak?

“I honestly don’t know,” says 33 year-old mum from Perth, Georgia. “I think throughout the competition, our formula has been to plan. So by Monday, I have our plan locked in place, by Tuesday I like to have chosen all my furniture and have everything locked away, and by Wednesday/Thursday I know we’re away on a challenge, so Friday I’m there to finesse.”

A clever strategy. But surely there’s more to it than that?

“We also have a lot of what we call ‘insurance policies,’” she explains. “So instead of getting one rug, I would have three rug choices before room reveal.

“I would try one, and then if it didn’t look right, I would return it. It meant I was returning stuff all the time, but at least that way I could get it right.”

It also helps that Ronnie, a handyman by trade, was across all their workers, and had a close working relationship with their builder.

“We both sat down [early on] with our builder,” Georgia explains. “I don’t think the show gives the builders enough credit, because they are an integral part in the process. Anthony was amazing, and a really knowledgeable guy.”

It meant whlie they were away at challenges, they knew things were ticking along back at home base.

But that’s not to say they didn’t still have a few pre-Sunday night Room Reveal jitters.

“I was always thinking, ‘Have we done enough?’ That was what I was worried about,” Georgia says. “Last week, everyone else was doing ensuite bathrooms and we weren’t. I thought that might put us at a disadvantage.”

Turns out, she needn’t have worried.