Ronnie & Georgia's love story

On the show they’re the tough-as-nails competitors getting everyone offside. But away from The Block, Ronnie and Georgia have a much softer side - as witnessed when they opened up about their 14-year love story.

“I proposed to Georgia Down South (in WA’s South West wine region). It was coming up to our six-year mark,” says Ronnie, who admits he’d been wanting to get down on bended knee for a while - but didn’t know how to do it so it would be a surprise.

“I knew I had to propose, because every time we’d go out to a restaurant, Georgia was like, “This could be it!’” he laughs. “When it happened, we were all down south, camping in Margaret River - and she didn’t know, so it was perfect.”

Ronnie kept everything a secret, only telling one friend, who helped arrange the romantic sunset proposal - which very nearly didn’t happen.

“I am not really a camping kind of girl. And it was really hot - like, forty degrees that day - and I had a really bad headache,” Georgia says.

Ronnie was desperately trying to steer his girlfriend to the beach, so he could pop the question. But his other half wasn’t exactly being cooperative.

“We had sat down to eat, and Ron was like, ‘Let’s go to the beach, guys.’ I was like, ‘What?’” Georgia says, laughing at the recollection. “I went off at him. My mate, I think she picked up on it, and she was like, ‘Let’s go to the beach, George.

“We walked down - and he proposed!”

All 12 of their friends who were away that weekend - as well as Ronnie’s young son who was also there - witnessed the romantic moment. And Ronnie had even gone all-out, organising a beautiful pink diamond ring for Georgia.

“I had the ring for about a month and a half,” Ronnie explains. “It was really beautiful. And I think Georgia liked it.

“She’d been dropping hints for so many years - there were even photos on the fridge of what she wanted! I’d collected them.”

Unsurprisingly Georgia was over the moon - and that headache disappeared instantly.

The couple were then married in 2011, in Georgia’s parents' backyard.

“There were about sixty people - it was really beautiful,” Georgia explains.


PIcture Gallery: Georgia & Ronnie's beautful rooms at The Block (for more pics click here)

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