Tour Josh & Elyse's finished Block house

Dear Josh & Elyse,

The Block Shop team wishes you every success at the auctions this weekend. What a beautiful house you have created!

Lots of love,

Blockshoppers ❤️

 Josh & Elyse's bathroom week 1 of The Block 2017 Josh & Elyse blitzed it for the first room reveal
 Josh & Elyse guest bedroom week 2 of The Block 2017 Josh & Elyse's guest bedroom missed the win by only half a point
 Josh & Elyse kids bedroom week 3 of The Block 2017 Despite winning the week’s Domain prize for their decision to include a second mezzanine level, Josh and Elyse only managed to come in at third place for their understated space.
 Josh & Elyse study week 4 of The Block 2017 Josh and Elyse, who came in second place for their gorgeous zen study/living space
 Josh & Elyse living/dining room week 5 of The Block 2017 Josh and Elyse’s beautiful, contemporary lounge and dining space was a hit with the judges, tying for first place with Ronnie and Georgia’s room
 Josh & Elyse master bedroom week 6 of The Block 2017 Josh and Elyse won this week with the presentation of a stunning, sophisticated master bedroom and ensuite space, which the judges absolutely adored
 Josh & Elyse kitchen week 7 of The Block 2017 Josh & Elyse reoriented their kitchen to face the bench towards their garden
 Josh & Elyse hallway week 8 of The Block 2017 The judges were blown away by the stunning, grand hallway space that Josh and Elyse delivered
 Josh & Elyse second guest bedroom week 9 of The Block 2017 They might only be in their mid-twenties, but Josh and Elyse are showing skills far beyond their tender age, as witnessed in their pitch-perfect guest bedroom.
 Josh & Elyse backyard week 10 of The Block 2017 The inground pool, the custom-made concrete bench, the upholstered custom seating area, the grass - there wasn’t a single part of Josh and Elyse’s sumptuous outdoor space that didn’t leave the judges breathless with excitement.
 Josh & Elyse studio week 11 of The Block 2017 Josh & Elyse's stunning studio ❤️ that bedhead
 Josh & Elyse frontyard week 12 of The Block 2017 Josh & Elyse's California Bungalow style front yard & façade

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