Pool gate: Have Ronnie and Georgia made a huge mistake getting their neighbours offside?

Ronnie and Georgia’s decision to block Josh working ahead on his backyard pool earlier in this series of The Block has come back to sting the couple from Perth, with their neighbours banding together to make it difficult for them to install their own pool.

They need access to Houses 1 & 2 gardens next Monday, to allow them to crane their pool into position. But Jason & Sarah and Hannah & Clint are determined to drive a hard bargain.  

“We won’t get anything done Monday because everything will have to be cancelled,” Jason says. “So we want $10,000, up front. And if you win garden week or bedroom week, it’s another five.”

It’s an exorbitant amount, essentially meaning Ronnie and Georgia will be forced to pay them $15k - for just four hours work. Needless to say, they’re not happy.

“We gave them the Thursday off challenges so they could stay in the competition,” says Georgia. “At this stage we were just flabbergasted that this has to happen. At this rate, the pool is not going in.”

But should they really be so surprised? After all, they were quick to point out way back in Week Four that they were “playing a game”, even saying they were aware their decision to block Josh’s access might come back to sting them later on down the track.

At this stage, it’s looking like that pool won’t be going in - especially as Ronnie says he would rather go without, than give House One $15,000.

Something tells us this drama is only going to escalate.