Top 2020 Pinterest trends to look out for

1. French Antiques

Pinterest searches for French Antiques are up 384% in 2019, Oui Oui! Think large gold mirrors and chandeliers.
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2. Indoor Microgreens

Grow your own herbs in the kitchen - the Glowpear planter could not be more perfect for this!

Glowpear Planter

 3. Indoor Garden Room

Don't have the room to dedicate a full space to plants. Why not overpopulate a room with fabulous indoor plants then? Take a look at the huge range of artificial plants and pots and planters The Block Shop has online.

 4. Pet Pampering

Dog patios and pet fashion make the list! Proving that pet pampering is continuing to stay on-trend.
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 Pet gifts

 5. Coffee Stations

Coffee remains a high priority to us all with the creation of a coffee station space at home. Pinterest searches are up a whopping 751%! Pimp out your home coffee station with a new coffee machine or grinder!

Coffee First

 6.  Australian Landscaping

Take some inspiration from The Block's Dave Frankiln and start planting drought-tolerant Native Australian plants such as grasses and kangaroo paw.

 7. Indian Living Rooms 

Brighten up your space with a coloured or woven rug and lots of shining brass. Pinterest searches have increased by 2080%!

Indian trend Amigos De Hoy

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