Our favourite shelfies

Our Block contestants sure know how to style a shelf! 

Everyone knows about sharing a selfie. But have you heard about sharing a #shelfie? A shelfie is a pictorial representation of artfully styled shelves.
We take a look at some of our favourite shelfies from this season...

Darren Palmer Shelf Styling
Block contestants get some tips from a pro! Darren Palmer and Block Shop Pop Up Manager Harrie at work during the Million Dollar Room styling challenge.

Mitch and Mark shelf styling
Mitch and Mark know how to style a cheeky shelf featuring the handcrafted ceramic Tuckus Planter.

Elise shelf styling queen - The Block
Elise just maybe our Shelfie queen. Their master bedroom and wardrobe was, summed up judge Shaynna Blaze, simply “breathtaking”. 

Elise shelf styling queen - The Block
Another supremely styled shelf by El'ise and Matt in their winning formal lounge room.

Deb shelf styling
Deb clearly has impeccable taste and styling skills as seen in their All-Star winning guest bedroom.

Elise shelf styling queen - The Block
Shelf styling
The bathroom a place not to miss out on a Shelfie! We love El'ise's pop of colour with the pink cross and Deb's styling perfection with body care products

Elise shelf styling queen - The Block
'Imagination Dreaming' by Kellie North steals the limelight on this stunning shelfie in El'ise and Matt's All-Star guest bedroom.

Elise shelf styling queen - The Block
Darren Palmer was a fan of the 'Bowie' print and shelf styled by El'ise in their AM wardrobe.

Block All Stars 2019
Styling queen Dea with our skull loving Jesse grabbing their perfect shelf styling items from The Block Shop.

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