Midweek Minute with Brad

Did Lara think you were crazy for coming back for another Block?

Yeah, but she's pretty happy, it's a win-win for her. She doesn't have the stress of renovating but she gets all the benefits.

What did you think of the other rooms?
Everybody did pretty well. I'm still confused why the girls only had an outdoor shower. Chantelle and Steve had a tough week, and I reckon their room suffered because of it. Kyal and Kara do great stuff, but they missed the mark a bit this week.

We spoke to Alisa and she mentioned you boys were big snorers…
That's a bit rich coming from the girls…

What's one Melbourne store you couldn't live without?
Meizai – Lara and I used them a lot in 2012, and Dale and I have gone back to them this year.

What was your favourite item this week?
Our timber vanity was pretty special. And our outdoor shower obviously.

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