Midweek Minute: Week 9

What caught your eye in the other rooms this week?

Oh… So much! Michael and Carlene had a part of their terrace that was undercover, and I thought they balanced the inside-outside elements really well. I liked that their dining area was kind of inside, and the outside part – it was gorgeous. And Karstan and Max, I loved their vertical garden, putting a bit of green in there had such a huge impact.

What would you change about your room this week, if you had the time?

We try so hard every week to make sure it’s perfect, and there’s nothing I’d change in that room. Really? Not even if you had more money… No, there’s nothing. [laughs] I’m so happy with it. If I had more space, I would have done different things, but I don’t know if it would have necessarily been better.

Finally, what have you learnt from your time in the Glasshouse? 

I’ve learnt so much from being on The Block, and the big one is, go with your instincts in terms of style. Your instincts tell you what’s going to work and what you love, and if it doesn’t resonate, if it’s a room that doesn’t speak to you personally, then you can’t pull it off. So I learned to go with my gut, and that’s a big reason why I became so good at making quick decisions. I stopped second guessing myself. And you’ve got to appreciate your partner, we had to appreciate each other to communicate effectively. We both had skills that were really complimentary, but in the early days, we weren’t getting the best out of each other because we weren’t communicating. So we’re so much stronger now.

Aw! Well, if Dee and Daz have inspired you on their Block journey, you can order items from their Block Shop page now.