Midweek Minute: Week 8

Nearing the end of The Block: Glasshouse, do you feel you’re getting better?
I think we have improved since the first week. I wouldn’t say we made mistakes back then, but I think as you go on, you get better at knowing what to do. I’ve only studied, never practised interior design, and on The Block, you have to learn on the go – you start to realise what works and what doesn’t.

Did anything jump out at you in the other couples’ ensuites this week?
I liked Chris and Jenna’s bronze mirror. I would’ve loved to have put one in ours, but we didn’t want to do half normal mirrors and half bronze. I love Michael and Carlene’s tiles, they are really nice, and their custom benchtop was really nice. Max and Karstan, I love the way they’ve altered their ceiling, it looks very, very grand. Daz and Dee, they had a much smaller space, but the way they used that space… I don’t think they could have done a better job with it. I think we only won because we had a bath and the bigger space. Their styling and design was absolutely unreal.

What have you learned from your Block experience?
How to plan. You just have to plan and prepare. You need to sit down for half a day at the beginning of the week, and you need to plan everything to a tee. There’s only so much you can plan for though, and planning on the fly has to come into play, but definitely planning and preparation are key to success on The Block.

Also, I’ve never styled a place before – I’ve always been more interested in the architectural side of things, so to learn how to style a place so it’s comfy and cosy, I was on Google to see how to make a bed look nice – I just have two pillows and a doona at home. You’ve got to dress it so it looks attractive for photographs because that’s what it’s for. You’ve gotta sell the house, so I’ve definitely gotten better at styling.

What has it been like, sharing the Block experience with your brother?
Not gonna lie, I could not do it with anyone else. We’re much, much closer now we’ve done this, because it’s such an intense experience. He’s so reliable and such a hard worker, and it was a really good experience.

Was there a shop in Melbourne you couldn’t live without?
I actually did a bit of shopping at The Block Pop-Up Shop. They had really great homewares and good ideas, so I’m gonna say the Block Shop.

We’ll take that! If the Blockheads wowed you with their ensuites this week, you can borrow some of their good ideas and browse by room now.