Midweek Minute: Week 7

With three Room Reveal wins under their belt, Caro and Kingi have been our most consistent performers in the competition. We chat with Caro about what she feels is their most underrated room: the living room.

How did you feel about the judges’ response to your living room?
We received a mixed response, but honestly, it was my favourite room before the kitchen. I feel like it’s warm and cosy.

The judges criticised it for not taking advantage of your view…
I personally don’t go to my living room to watch the view, I go to watch TV. Our grand plan is to have a beautiful view outside the kitchen and dining, and definitely the terrace when we get to it. I wanted to use the living room as a theatre, and use the other side of the apartment for the view.

Any favourite items?
I love the yellow sofa.

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How did you go about styling the space?
I had a lot more money than everyone else. It was a lot of fun to go out shopping and not have to worry about the budget. I’d spent the previous six weeks looking at price tags, worrying that if I bought one thing, I couldn’t buy something else. I was weighing up my options all the time, but with so much in my account, money really wasn’t a concern.

Are you worried about buying too much?
We don’t want to come home with any money, that’s not the point of the competition. We want to put as much money as we can into the apartment, but we want to be smart about it. We’re buying luxury items. If the buyer doesn’t like something, they can pull it out. They might change the couch or the décor, but I think items like the rug and our vases, people are going to want to keep those.

How are you finding incorporating artwork?
Moving into the living area, where our artwork was a canvas of the quay, our use of graffiti dies down, but the quirkiness is still there. In our kitchen, under our island bench, I wanted to put some art in there, something grungy that still had a bit of colour in it. It’s unique, but at the end of the day, if the buyer doesn’t like it, everything we’ve done in our apartment can be changed.

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