Midweek Minute: Week 7

Blockaholics, it's time for another Midweek Minute. We catch up with Dale and chat about his Reveal win and how he’s feeling about the upcoming The Block: Fans V Faves Auction.

What did you think of the other rooms?
Everybody delivered quality rooms. I suppose the only difference, especially in the master bedrooms, was the sheer amount of space our bedroom created – it felt big compared to the others. It feels literally twice the size of anybody else's. I mean, the girls had the opportunity to have a space similar to ours that could have been as grand, but with their void, they lost that grandeur.

Did any other couple do anything you wish you had?
No, I don't think so. The master bedroom was one we put a lot of thought into so we're really happy with our decisions. We didn't walk into any of the other rooms and think, 'Oh jeez, I wish we would've done that,' because in all honesty, we'd probably thought of those things and crossed them off our list at some stage, so everything we ended up with in there was well-planned and well-executed.

How are you feeling about the Auction?
Ah, look, the Auction's one of those things we haven't really had much time to think about. The response from our real estate agent has been really good, and they reckon there's some genuine interest out there for our apartment, and that's enough to keep us positive up 'til the Auction Day. You don't tend to think about it too much until you sit on that couch with Scotty and then the butterflies sort of jump into you and you get a bit nervous.

After two Block Auctions, tell us, does it get any easier?
Nah, Auctions are never easy. I think Sophie and I were blown away with everybody's results in Dorcas Street The Block 2012 and it was such a happy occasion. Everyone was just so excited. Yeah, the second one that I was involved in was Mark and Duncan's in Bondi The Block All Stars and that was a totally different feeling – that was disheartening when everybody else made pretty good money and the boys didn't make much at all. That was a really different feeling that year. I suppose I've had ups and downs on Auction Day and I'm hoping for another up.

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