Midweek Minute: Week 6

Blockaholics, it's time for another Midweek Minute. We've caught up with Chantelle to go behind-the-scenes of The Block: Fans V Faves in sixty seconds.

What did you think of the other living and dining areas?
Something that stands out for us is that ours is the largest and most open. That comes down to our planning. They're all so different, and that's the beauty of this season of The Block. They're all so different in their layout and design.
I loved how the boys' living area was quite masculine, playing off their white, modern kitchen. Those masculine tones really anchored the space, it was really clever. Kyal and Kara's kitchen took quite a chunk out of the area, leaving quite a small living and dining space, but I really love their use of different textures. They're very good at that and I love their concrete wall. The girls' space was so grand, that void really opened it up, but they went with a very dark mood, whereas ours is the polar opposite. Ours is bright and full of personality.

Having seen those spaces, anything you wish you’d done differently?
No, because we won! [Laughs] But I do like the boys' exposed ducts. But we couldn't have done that because our ceilings aren't as high.

What’s one Melbourne store you couldn’t have lived without?
The Junk Company on Elizabeth Street, they sell the most amazing antiques and really interesting pieces. They mix old and new, which is our style.

What was your favourite item this week?
For me a number of things come to mind. I love the artwork that Steve chose, that Polish poster is just perfect... It really was a reference point for me.

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