Midweek Minute: Week 4

We’re midway through The Block, and what better way to celebrate than with another Midweek Minute. We've caught up with Kara to go behind-the-scenes of The Block: Fans V Faves in sixty seconds.

How are you feeling after your perfect score?  

We thought the bathroom was pretty amazing, so going into judging, we were really nervous and worried the judges were just going to pick faults with it, but they didn’t! It’s definitely a confidence booster.

What was your favourite part of somebody else’s room?

I really liked that sparkly tiled insert in the boys' bathroom. I reckon it was pretty cool, but it definitely wouldn't have suited our bathroom.

What are the items in your room you can’t live without?

The Milli Axon Floor Mounted Bath Outlet. We love that tap range, and we want to use it throughout the whole house. That spout is perfect for the space and also for the theme. And the Alape Metaphor Counter Basin… We just loved it. The pressed metal trough look to it really works well with the industrial look we’re going for throughout the apartment.

What's one Melbourne store you couldn't live without?

Zuster, they were a massive help with our elimination challenge and then throughout The Block.

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