Midweek Minute: Week 3

What were you thinking when you first walked into your Block: Triple Threat apartment?
Walking into something like that, it was so rundown… and each apartment we walked into, it didn’t seem to get any better. It’s pretty daunting to think how great they will end up when we’re finished.

What was the toughest part of the first week?
It was tough coming out of an Elimination round, being new to Melbourne and not knowing where the stores were. Everyone says, “Google it,” but when you’re there and you’re under time pressure, it can be a bit much.

How did you find having to settle in and present a room so quickly?
I found it a little challenging. The room was lovely, but it wasn’t the room we wanted to present. Now we’ve had the opportunity to present what our style is.

And how would you describe that style?
It’s very classic. I think what you can see is, it’s very “boutique hotel”.

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