Midweek Minute: Week 3

Now that you’ve won a bedroom Room Reveal, what would you go back and change about your first bedroom?
Hmm… I might consider doing white cabinetry in that first room. Maybe the cabinetry was a bit heavy in there because it’s a bit of a small space. We did white cabinetry in this bedroom, so that might be something we go back and change.

What did that first Reveal teach you about Block bedrooms?
In the first bedroom, I put a curtain up over the big window and not a blind, the judges picked up on it, so I learned from that. I made sure I did both this time. We’ve got the blackout blind and a sheer curtain for privacy. But honestly, we were pretty happy with our first bedroom, and if we’d finished, we would’ve been pretty competitive and gotten close to winning. That fuelled our fire to really come out and win, because we were getting so close.

Was there anything in the other rooms that caught your eye this week?
Carlene’s lights! I loved them. And Max and Karstan’s artwork (‘Tonight Is The Night’ by Thierry B.) was awesome.

What’s one Melbourne store you can’t live without?
Hermon & Hermon. Definitely.

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