Midweek Minute: Week 2

First up, if you could change anything about your bathroom, would you?
Jenna: No! [Both laugh] We’re really proud of ourselves and what we produced. I think we really nailed our design and layout. Obviously we made it an ensuite for our first bedroom. I think how we used the space – we couldn’t have done it any better.

Was there one part of the room that gave you a lot of grief throughout the week?
Chris: One of the big things this week was the lightboard. We were trying to figure out how we were going to –
Jenna: Make it work.
Chris: Yeah.

Lighting was a big part of Bathroom Week, and we have a selection available now, including Jenna and Chris’ Bent Metal pendants, Carlene and Michael’s Beaker pendants, Maxine and Karstan’s Salta pendants, and Deanne and Darren’s Tigger Hall pendants.

What’s one Melbourne store you couldn’t have lived without?
Jenna: It would have to be Home Concepts. They were my run-to, last-minute, ‘I need this!’ shop.
Chris: And Mad Mex.

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