Midweek Makeover: Style Your Bedroom Like An All Star

Choose the right artwork
Schwarm 111 Violette by Andreas Nicholas Fischer stood out for me from the very beginning, it’s just fluid. It’s nothing in particular, but it invokes a feeling when you look at it, and I thought it was just so beautiful and relaxed. And I loved the colour combination. I wanted to use it, so I’d have an excuse to use purple as a colour scheme.

Don’t be afraid of colour
When you work purple with grey and white, it’s so crisp. There’s lots of greys going on in bedrooms now, and I just think if you can put a subtle colour like purple or mint with it, it really lifts.
Dea’s choice: Lopez Occasional Chair in Purple Leopard.

Budget for the best
I always make sure I have enough money for the best. I think sheets are a dead giveaway when they’re cheap. For Triple Threat, I wanted our linen to look luxurious. Do that, get lots of layers happening and get the colour combination right, and your room will look inviting a cosy.
Dea’s choice: Hale Mercantile Co.

Use wallpaper for texture
I like the texture. I’m using grasspaper in the bedrooms this season because I want the texture and the warmth that it gives. It’s all about layering and texture in a bedroom.


Vary your lighting
You need good lighting, and that means giving them options – dim or bright, you need both. View our range of lighting here.

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