Meet our newest Block Bub!

Hannah and Clint have welcomed little cutie, Archie Oliver Amos. And we are totally in LOVE!

 Hannah and Clint new baby Archie Welcome to the world little Archie Oliver Amos (Picture: Instagram @hannahandclint)

All together now - awwwww. There’s only one thing we here at the Block Shop love more than a well-placed scatter cushion or a cute little throw...and that’s a brand new bub! And they don’t get much cuter than Hannah and Clint’s newborn, Archie.

 Hannah and Clint new baby Archie Hannah and Clint already have two kids, Poppy and Finn. Party of 5 now in the Amos house! (Picture: Instagram @hannahandclint)

The couple, who competed on last year’s show, taking home a profit of $95k at auction, already have two kids, Poppy and Finn, and they welcomed their third on November 14.

 Hannah and Clint new baby Archie Congratulations Hannah and Clint Archie is just gorgeous! (Picture: Instagram @hannahamos__)

“Our beautiful baby BOY made his entrance into this world yesterday at 1238. Weighing in at 8lbs 6oz. Both Mum and bub are doing amazing,” Clint posted on the couple’s shared Instagram page.

 Hannah and Clint new baby Archie Hannah sure does pregnancy well - absolutely stunning! (Picture: Instagram @sweetmary_photography)

This past year, the couple, who are originally from Queensland, have been living down in Melbourne, biding their time and waiting to invest their Block winnings in a new property locally.
A few weeks ago, they hinted that a new reno project may soon be in the works.
“We have sat back this past year and observed the market, waiting for the perfect time to buy. All signs point to now,” they wrote.
Looks like they’ll now be looking for one with an extra bedroom! Congratulations, you guys!

 Hannah Clint Art To read about Hannah and Clint's recent art collaboration click on this image.

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