Meet Art Insider Silvana Tagand

Silvana Tagand is passionate about collecting art, and last year started her own art consultancy business, Privé Arts Management.

Which artists inspire you?

Anything Bill Henson, early works by Fred Cress, Stephen Ormandy’s sculptures, anything by Aldo Chaparro and Richard Prince…and Matisse!

How do you discover new artists?

Independent galleries like Olsen Annexe, Artereal and Saint Cloche (all in Sydney), magazines like RUSSH and AnOther Magazine, and blogs and social media are great too. I discovered Dina Broadhurst via Instagram years ago, along with Christiane Spangsberg – who recently had an exhibition here in Sydney which sold out in 3 minutes!

What do you think of ‘DIY art?’

Not for me, personally. I love the story behind an artist’s work. The curiosity of what inspired them, and the passion that goes into creating work. I admire the commitment and the natural talent artists have. I could never create the work I am attracted too!

Tell us about your ‘creative space’

My creative space is my home - it’s my sanctuary. Especially now with our little girl, Coco, who just turned one. When we walk into our home, there is so much light and love. The art really enhances that feeling, and reminds us of the journey to this point.

Is ‘art on a budget’ really possible?

Yes, it is! Art Fairs are great and events like ART MONTH - but the best is travel. I find most of the art I purchased when I was younger, and even today, are from my travels. The flea markets in Paris and the States are great, and the independent galleries/concept stores.  Yvon Lambert and 0fr. in Paris are my favourite. I could live in The Lost Art Salon in San Francisco.

Can you think of any good art projects to do with kids?

The state art galleries are fantastic for kids. I particularly love The NGV and The QAGOMA.

How do you decide what to hang, where?

It is all contextual. I generally think about the space, the mood in the room and the lighting - and I think it requires a level of creativity. I love the drama of a large piece hanging solo. But I also love several works curated as a collective story. I’m also obsessive and want all my wall space covered in art! My husband is like, ‘OK, where are we hanging this now? We have no space!’ I find interesting nooks to hang works of all sizes. I love the quirkiness. It’s part of the fun. If you’re hanging multiple works as a collective story, then start in the middle and work your way out. Always start at eye level to make it easy for the eye to travel around the room.

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