Main Bathroom Room Reveal

Courtney and Hans The Block 2018

 Courtney and Hans Winning Main Bathroom on The Block Congratulations Courtney and Hans coming in first place with the top score of 25.5.

It was ‘wows’ all round as the judges set foot into Hans and Courtney’s deluxe main bathroom. All three were won over by the use of the deluxe terrazzo floor tiles, which leant the room a sophisticated presence.

“The era here is art deco, so terrazzo fits in with that,’ said Shaynna, clearly impressed.

Neale agreed: “I can’t help thinking they are doing a contemporary take on the original heritage of the building. It feels like a really subtle, modern reworking of that style.”

This was music to Courtney’s ears.

“That is what we wanted,” she explained. “We want to pay homage to Saint Kilda; we want to bring it into our apartment piece by piece.”

The couple managed to achieve their high-end, sophisticated look with the use of that feature terrazzo floor tile, which worked well with black tapware, and quirky little details like that ‘sad face’ window pot, and the hanging plant.

The round double sinks and vanity, complete with terrazzo nook for lotions and potions, provided a focal point to the amenities, which, while not as expensive as other contestants, was still functional and looked high-end.

The ceiling was the other big statement piece in the room, and Darren particularly liked the use of lighting to create a focal point.

“It’s a real success,” he said. “I love that they have been able to light the perimeter and that gives you that soft glow.”

All up it was a highly successful room - one that the judges weren’t, perhaps, entirely expecting.

“Neale was just impressed that after the feedback last week you had dusted yourself off and been able to deliver something very special,” said Scotty. “He thinks you should be very proud of yourselves.”

Well done, guys!

Courtney and Hans Winning Main Bathroom

Bianca and Carla The Block 2018

 Bianca and Carla Main Bathroom The Block  Bianca and Carla came a very close second with a score of 25.

Bianca and Carla knew they had delivered a great room, thanks, in part, to that stunning 450 kg stone feature wall. But was it enough to wow the judges?

“The scale of the bathroom and the height of the ceilings - it’s almost jaw dropping,” said Carla. “We hope the judges have the same reaction.”

Turns out they needn’t have worried, the two netballing best mates coming in second with their stunning, sophisticated bathroom.

“Wow,” said Shaynna upon stepping inside. “Look at that stone!”

“This is heaven,” Darren added.

But while Shaynna and Darren were mesmerised by their feature wall, it was something else that was capturing Neale’s eye - namely that stunning wooden, slatted ceiling.

All three were blown away, with Scotty noting, “Shaynna thinks you are going for a corporate Saint Kilda market, and this market is an absolute winner.”

The girls chose a round mirror to lend drama to the room, black and chrome tapware, and a simple shower and bath, just understated enough to allow their two statement pieces - the ceiling and wall - to shine. Little details like the stool, speaker in the bathroom and the bespoke light switches, were the icing on the cake.

And the judges couldn’t get enough.

“The black downlights... the decision to paint the sprinkler heads black... it’s all really refined thinking,” Darren said.

And all three can’t wait to see what they do next.

Bianca and Carla Main Bathroom The Block

 Norm and Jess Main Bathroom Norm and Jess all smiles scoring 24.5.

To say Norm and Jess were pleased with the execution of their stunning, modern-style main bathroom would be an understatement.

“We have outdone ourselves,” Jess said, proudly, after finishing the room. “We didn’t know we could create something so flash!”

The couple chose beautiful grey floor tiles, two gorgeous concrete Nood Co mirrors, and a large grey “stone” bath for their space, which had the added advantage of having soaring 4 metre ceilings.

The use of a gorgeous diaphanous curtain behind the bath and a large skylight gave the bathroom a light, bright, airy feel, the placement of the large elm tree in the corner, grounding it to giving a lovely ‘earthy’ feel.

Both Darren and Shaynna loved it.

“The tree is gorgeous…the skylight above it is amazing too…and the backlit marble in the niche is that little touch of luxury design that makes the room feel VERY expensive,” she said.

Darren loved everything about it too, saying the bathroom felt like a “next level, top level, Penthouse.”

“Everything you’ve done in the room has been done to accentuate the height. And done well,” he added.

As well as being stylish, the room was also functional, with a large double vanity, double storage, and a black stool, placed strategically next to the bath for functionality. The addition of a recessed, lighted nook, complete with black trim detail, gave the room a sense of luxe usability which they all loved too.

Darren said it best when he exclaimed, ‘How could you NOT choose this apartment.”

Norm and Jess Main Bathroom

Kerrie and Spence The Block 2018

 Kerrie and Spence Main Bathroom The Block Kerrie and Spence's well executed bathroom scored a total of 22.5.

Self-confessed “perfectionists” Kerrie and Spence delivered a beautifully executed main bathroom that ticked all the boxes. All three judges were fans from the moment they walked in.

“It feels like a grand entrance,” said Shaynna, upon entering the crisp, white space.

The couple chose to a black and white theme for their bathroom, offsetting their gorgeous white marble tiles with matte black tapware, a black pendant light , black rectangle mirror and black cabinetry to produce a high-end, luxe effect.

Neale was particularly taken.

“It’s light. It’s bright. It ticks all the boxes in terms of functionality,” he said upon stepping inside.

Functionality was something at the forefront of Kerrie and Spence’s minds when designing the room - they opted to place double drawers beneath the sink, as well as hidden storage behind the two, prominent circular mirrors, which were backlit for dramatic effect.

All three judges were impressed with the quality of the finishes.

“This is meticulous,” Shaynna said. “And I think that is something we are going to see a lot from this couple.”

Unfortunately, in the end, it was Spence’s attention to detail that let the couple down, as they weren’t able to go back and retile the bathroom floor to line up. It ultimately cost them points. But all up, as Scotty explained, it was an impressively designed space that stands them in good stead for the rest of the competition.

“Shaynna thought the quality of the room was amazing,” he said. “The tile choice is great and the tiling is extremely well done. The tapware and fittings throughout were all beautiful choices. The bath also was a great choice for the room.”

Now if only Spence would hire a builder to give him a helping hand!

Kerrie and Spence Main Bathroom

Sara and Hayden The Block 2018

 Hayden and Sara Main Bathroom The Block Sara and Hayden were hoping to wow the judges this week, their main bathroom scored 21.5.

Going into Sunday’s judging, Sara and Hayden were quietly confident that their main bathroom, complete with green wall, brass fixtures and statement tiles would wow the judges.

And while they weren’t as effusive in their praise as the couple may have liked, there was still a lot to like about the couple’s first room.

Sara and Hayden chose to go bold with the use of brass tapware, which leant the room an elegant feel, also harking back to the period of the building.

Shaynna was a fan, noting that it was the “hero” of the room. She also liked the use of their tile, as did Darren, who liked the continuation of the floor tiles up the wall.

“That works really nicely,” he noted.

But, like Shaynna, he just wasn’t sure that it worked as well when used in conjunction with the room’s other statement piece, that bold, plant-based feature wall, placed behind the bath.

While all three judges weren’t a fan, Shaynna agreed that if it had been used on its own, it would have had that elusive ‘wow’ factor the couple were grasping to get.

Hayden and Sara Main Bathroom

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