Kyal and Kara at it again!


We were so excited to see some of our Block Shop favourites Kara and Kyal Demmrich, of Diverse Design & Construct, featured in the most recent issue of Inside Out magazine. We can't get enough of their most recent reno project. Read on for more details - and thanks to Inside Out, and the couple, for sharing these stunning snaps. Let's face it, we're ALL about the stickybeak!

Photographer: Grace Picot

The look Kyal and Kara were going for with their renovation was 'beautiful, beach house chic', with a Palm Springs vibe - and we think they've nailed it.

This clever renovating duo took the project on after they welcomed little Ziya to the family. As Kara says, they enjoyed the "newborn bubble," and then found the next project close to home in Long Jetty on the NSW Central Coast.

It was the large Date Palm that initially attracted them to this original 60's fibro shack, which was crying out to be shown some love.

The reno was a huge job. And, as Kyal tells the magazine, "by the time we'd done all the demolition work, we'd really only left the wall frame of the front two bedrooms."

The couple planned their home around the open-plan living and dining area, the house transformed to a neutral calm space, flooded with natural sunlight - and perfect for their young family.

The use of the Velux Skylights let the light shine in. The new extension, which is home to the kitchen, includes the use of rattan pantry doors and plenty of texture with Oak and natural wood - we all know Kyal the carpenter loves his timber!

We adore the Inartisan Handwoven Lampshades above the dining area - perfect with that high ceiling.

Kara says, "I wanted people to walk in and instantly feel it was a light, airy and fresh home. There is a lot of white but also elements of colour in the artwork and other accessories."


The master bedroom opens right up to the incredible outdoor transformation...


The pool and outdoor space is to die for!

Kara and Kyal designed their house "from the pool out." This was designed and concrete-poured before house construction even began. "We love the idea of a single-level home flowing out to a private oasis-like garden," Kara told Inside Out.

Just as the interior finishes were happening, Kara fell pregnant again. Struggling with morning sickness, "even the smell of the new carpet would make me feel ill." Ahh - the worst!

The Long Jetty House has since been sold at auction. Kyal says, "we do pinch ourselves at how it all turned out"

The couple are due to be welcoming their second bub in the coming weeks. All the best - and we can't wait to see the next project!

​Many thanks to Kyal and Kara for welcoming The Block Shop to share these stunning images, by the talented Photographer, Grace Picot.

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